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Scum on Filth on Scum

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Well it unsurprisingly transpired that the EDL National Demo in Rotherham yesterday was a shambles. Some sources put their numbers at 500, some at 1000+ maybe more; it is fair to say that yesterday Rotherham was a petri dish of right-wingers, crawling all over this issue like flies to shit. Without going into too much detail about the consequences of the hijacking of a public, emotional issue (as it has been addressed in the last couple days by both the Anti-Fascist Network and by ACABrighton, both posts are reblogged below) it is useful to have a quick summary of their day in town. The guest-list to this depressing party included the sordid likes of the NF, the BNP, the laughably the tiny crew of Infidels, as well as a couple jokers from Casuals United (aka. the Pie and Mash Squad). A report included in Malatesta’s blog states that the BNP…

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The Vultures Of Rotherham #3

Originally posted on Malatesta's Blog:

What a depressing and thoroughly expected surprise that the EDL’s demonstration in Rotherham over the child abuse scandal ended up in public drunkeness, infighting, confrontations with police and a breakaway group rampaging through the town causing damage.


1 EDL member tries to remember which way up a V-sign is.

The EDL have been vulturing over the appalling tragedy of 1,400 victims of serial abuse and had set up Camp Skanky outside Rotherham police station calling for SYPCC Shaun Wright to quit. This would have been more effective if Wright actually worked in that station. However, by the time the EDL realised their error, they had already pitched a few crap tents from Argos and one member started a hunger strike between pies, sandwiches and cans of beer, so it was too late to admit they had got their ‘facts’ wrong. Again. As we have shown in earlier articles, the camp…

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Film Review: The Expendables 3


The Expendables 3 has the biggest roster of stars in the series to date, with the most notable additions being Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas. As exciting as that initially sounds for action fans, there’s also a crop of younger, “cooler” stars joining the team in an attempt to open up the franchise to a broader audience — making this second sequel drag for much of its middle part.

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Well, it’s been a long a stressful journey, but the books have arrived. Very pleased with how the poems have turned out and how the cover looks (cheers Imran Rifai). Thanks to those who already pre-ordered a copy. If anyone else is interested in buying one, the books are now on general sale at this link:


As with all my work, this is a strictly DIY release. I’ll be very fortunate to even break even with the sales… but it’s never been about that. I just hope people enjoy the read, can identify with the message and feel inspired to tell others about it.

Please feel free to share the link to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks again to those who’ve been kind enough to support me and my work from day one.

Motivated by anti-fascism, ANTI-BRITISH LEFTY COMMIE TRAITOR SCUM tightly weaves the writer’s personal experiences/emotions with media propaganda and the segregative mindset of various far-right groups.

The scepticism and vulnerability of the poet feature prominently as he details his own depression/physical illness, directing his anger and mockery towards the likes of EDL and UKIP, as well as the general apathetic nature of the British public.

Football, television and pub “banter” also serve as a backdrop to the writer’s rants and more motivational poems; as does the mediocrity of everyday, working life under Capitalism.

Fascist Presence In and Around The Rebellion Punk Festival

Originally posted on blackpoolantifascistnetwork:

For a big punk/Oi! fan like myself the Rebellion Punk Festival that takes place in August every year in my home town is a much looked forward to event. An opportunity for me to enjoy some great bands and spend my time in the company of a few thousand punks and skinheads from all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

As an anti-fascist I’ve always been concerned by the presence of a small minority of extreme right wing boneheads who frequent the festival. Perhaps due to so little opposition to the fascists, in the last few years, the problem has got worse with White Power fringe gigs taking place at venues away from the Winter Gardens and a small increase in the amount of boneheads blatantly displaying T-shirts with Nazi bands or right wing slogans on at the festival itself and around the town. It seems to go largely unnoticed…

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