Polish “Fascists Against Nazism” in Britain

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An illuminating backgrounder on fascist organizing in Britain’s Polish immigrant community. There is the same dynamic here in New York. But can you be a fascist and an anti-Nazi at the same time? Maciej Zurowski says Yes.

‘Christ of Nations’ in London

Maciej Zurowski

Workers Have No Country

It was one of those typical London neighbourhood events, where crusties and punks rub shoulders with local working class families. On June 21, a free techno, punk and reggae open-air festival in Tottenham’s Markfield Park, dedicated to the ‘international language of music’, offered residents of the north London borough a chance to enjoy the heat wave together. But the fun ended abruptly when up to 40 football hooligan types crashed the party, pelting bottles, throwing rocks and shooting flares at unsuspecting visitors. A young man was stabbed – fortunately, his injuries were superficial.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.48.28 PMThe attackers, who had also assaulted an orthodox…

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After taking (what I view) a considerable amount of time getting my shit together – depression, complete lack of funds and general laziness – I will be releasing my new book at the beginning of next month. This has been my most challenging compilation of poetry to put out to date (and I believe it to be one of my best). The other “political” books I wrote before had the message, but with this book I’ve managed to find a medium between the political stuff and my more “personal” works, which I think is a lot more effective in depicting the struggle we — the working-class – are facing.

I’d like to thank Imran Rifai, specifically, for all his hard work designing this awesome cover to the book. Really pleased with how it’s come out.

Anyone interested in the book can pre-order it here: http://www.andycarrington.co.uk/anti-british-lefty

If you could share the link around as much as you like, that’d be a big help, too.

Oh, and I’ll be donating £1 from each sale to the 0161 Festival in Manchester next year to support Jose Shlebbers and all the great, anti-fash bands that are gonna be on the bill.

Growing opposition to Britain First’s pathetic ‘national tour’

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Britain First – the new kids on the block of right-wing racial and religious hatred – have spent the last few days on a ‘national tour’ of pub function rooms. Previous to this their main activity has been a series of controversial publicity stunts ‘invading’ mosques. With a notable lack of irony they chose to protest against Muslims supposedly imposing Islam on everyone by forcing their way into mosques around the country, intimidating elderly Muslims and forcing Bibles into their hands.

They have got a bunch of publicity and a lot of Facebook ‘likes’ from stunts involving a handful of members, but have never held a demo or been forced to show their hand on the streets in terms of how much support they actually have. So the last few days of their ‘national tour’ have been an interesting illustration of how Facebook likes relate to real world boots on…

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Daily Mail journalist busted posing as Muslim extremist to stir up hatred

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

The following comment was posted on a online chat forum for Muslims yesterday inviting responses:

Mail Muslim extremist

Some of the other members of the forum became suspicious by the strange comment and decided to check the new member’s ISP address:

mail Muslim extremist 1

More up-to-date checks of the ISP address by other members of the forum showed the comment was posted by someone working at the Daily Mail Group (the Evening Standard used to be part of the Daily Mail Group):

mail Muslim extremist 2

The whole thread has now been deleted from the forum but it can still be viewed on Google’s webcache here.

So it seems the Daily Mail ordered one of their journalists to pose as an extremist on a Muslim forum to try to elicit comments they could use for an anti-Muslim story.

Fortunately they were busted.

In a civilised society, a national newspaper journalist trying to stir up hatred and controversy with lies and…

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Boro community rejects the racist EDL

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This Saturday saw the people of Teesside take to the streets to oppose a national EDL demo in Middlesbrough.

Our previous posts have covered in detail the supposed rationale behind the EDL demo (‘grooming’ appears to have overtaken terrorism as their current favourite thing to blame all Muslims for). Sterling work was put in by North East Anti-Fascists and Teesside Solidarity Movement to create a broad-based local opposition to the fascists.

On the day about 200 anti-fascists gathered. There had been a call out to dress in red and to bring red banners and flags to go with the organising theme ‘We are Boro’. Red being the colour of Middlesbrough FC and the traditional colour of workers’ solidarity.

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Why we do not support ‘our troops’

Originally posted on Liverpool Class Action:

1 (2)

 “War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.”….. George Orwell

The term “Support our troops” is nothing more than a meaningless and hollow phrase. It is a cynical government propaganda exercise, designed to render any criticism of our involvement in an almost permanent state of global war & expansionism, as absolutely ‘taboo’. Anyone who seeks to criticise ‘war’ or those who make it, are then accused of being un-patriotic and committing the ultimate sin of not ‘supporting our troops’. The idea that you can be against war, against the politicians who start them, against the businesses that benefit from them – yet can be supportive of those who fight in them – is frankly absurd.


The entire concept of ‘our troops’ is a complete misnomer. If they actually were ‘our troops’ then they wouldn’t go…

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