Laurence Easeman: Russell Brand’s Pal, Nazi Sympathiser, Bailiff

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Laurence and Russell – Best Friends Forever?

At the time of publishing, Laurence Easeman was due to speak at the London launch of Russell Brand’s new book – Revolution, alongside human rights activist Peter Tatchell and Brand himself, amongst others. As anti-fascists who have been investigating Easeman for some time, we decided it was time to publish. This posting is a collective effort by this group of anti-fascists.

Will the Real Laurence Easeman Stand Up?

Laurence Easeman, who is he? Well you may get a different answer depending on who you ask. There are lots of people who seem to think, not least himself, that he is a “man of people”, a tireless champion of the poor and disadvantaged, people who are in debt and who are being hounded by bailiffs and debt collectors, someone who knows the law and how to take on those bailiffs and debt…

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Film Review: A Very British Gangster 2 (Dominic Noonan)


Rarely (if ever?) do documentaries produce sequels. But attempting to expand upon his original documentary about Manchester gangster Dominic Noonan, Donal MacIntyre has made a documentary-come-film to shed further light on the man and his family’s criminal empire.

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(A Positive) Review of Joel Schumacher’s ‘8mm’ Starring Nicolas Cage


Anyone seen this film? Originally did a write-up on it in 2008. I liked it then, despite it’s overwhelmingly negative reception, but I’ve gone a bit more into detail after watching it again recently. Snuff films and underground pornography. Very dark, and Nicolas Cage gives a powerful performance (believe it or not).

“Understandably, most people will be put off by the subject matter in 8mm; and the critical reputation of the film will hardly do anything to convince most people otherwise. But it’s intense, has plenty of interesting characters and steers clear of preaching any ethical, moral attitudes between right and wrong.”

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Scum on Filth on Scum

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Well it unsurprisingly transpired that the EDL National Demo in Rotherham yesterday was a shambles. Some sources put their numbers at 500, some at 1000+ maybe more; it is fair to say that yesterday Rotherham was a petri dish of right-wingers, crawling all over this issue like flies to shit. Without going into too much detail about the consequences of the hijacking of a public, emotional issue (as it has been addressed in the last couple days by both the Anti-Fascist Network and by ACABrighton, both posts are reblogged below) it is useful to have a quick summary of their day in town. The guest-list to this depressing party included the sordid likes of the NF, the BNP, the laughably the tiny crew of Infidels, as well as a couple jokers from Casuals United (aka. the Pie and Mash Squad). A report included in Malatesta’s blog states that the BNP…

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The Vultures Of Rotherham #3

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What a depressing and thoroughly expected surprise that the EDL’s demonstration in Rotherham over the child abuse scandal ended up in public drunkeness, infighting, confrontations with police and a breakaway group rampaging through the town causing damage.


1 EDL member tries to remember which way up a V-sign is.

The EDL have been vulturing over the appalling tragedy of 1,400 victims of serial abuse and had set up Camp Skanky outside Rotherham police station calling for SYPCC Shaun Wright to quit. This would have been more effective if Wright actually worked in that station. However, by the time the EDL realised their error, they had already pitched a few crap tents from Argos and one member started a hunger strike between pies, sandwiches and cans of beer, so it was too late to admit they had got their ‘facts’ wrong. Again. As we have shown in earlier articles, the camp…

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