Days Spent in the Comapny of Vinyl: #4: 7L & Esoteric: A New Dope


I bought A New Dope on CD when it first came out and didn’t take to it too well.

It’s a lot different from 7L & Esoteric’s older stuff (clue in the title). Rather than the straight, heavy boom-bap sound of before (The Soul Purpose/Dangerous Connection) there’s a more sample-heavy, electro take on the production.

I was on Discogs one night and noticed the (2x) vinyl was going for £8 so I thought I’d give it another go.

It’s coming up to ten years since the album got released and it seems to have gotten better over time. I like it a lot better than I did when I first bought it. Some real gems on here that I can’t believe I overlooked.

Check this:

(I wish I knew where the main sample is taken from. Anyone any ideas?)

I’ve had the album on repeat over the past three days. Kool Keith’s on a couple of tracks; and Esoteric goes completely nuts on the likes of ‘Eso Ain’t Shit’, ‘Daisycutta’ and ‘3 Minute Classic’.

A New Dope is a lot of fun.

The cover takes inspiration from old boxing promo posters, which is pretty cool as well.

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Copies of New Book SOPHIE in Stock (Money Raised Will Go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation)

On August 11 2007, Robert Maltby and his girlfriend Sophie Lancaster were targeted and brutally beaten by a gang of youths, simply because their appearances were “different”. Sophie died of her injuries in hospital and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was later set up in her memory.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation has been a registered charity since 2009. Its main purpose is to teach young people about tolerance, so they can open their minds to accept all people, despite their differences in appearance or lifestyle.

There’s 20 paperback copies of SOPHIE/The World Might Not Live Through the Night on sale, as well as infinite digital copies. It’s all for a good cause so be nice and part with a few quid, if you can:

More info about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation can be found here:


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Days Spent in the Comapny of Vinyl: #3: Ice-T: The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech


Probably my favourite of all Ice T’s albums for its grit and lyrical prowess.

Released in ’89, Iceberg tackles mostly the subject of censorship and moves away from the “gangsta rap” feel of his earlier (and latter) albums. The Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra on one of the tracks; and there’s a hilarious rock-rap fusion in the name of ‘The Girl Tried to Kill Me’, to name a few highlights.

The cover sees an animated Ice getting jammed by guns from three angles. This is the second best of all Ice-T album covers, after 1987’s POWER, if you ask me.

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Class War is Coming to Bradford in April with a Load of Angry Punks and Poets

April 18th, 2015: a day of punk, poetry and even a bit of Hip-Hop to raise money the political party Class War.

Class War: Statement of Intent

There is a class war waging and we are losing it. The rich are getting richer and the gilded elite who have ruled us since Norman times remain in power and dominate land ownership just as they did when they first robbed it. We live in a feudal society dominated by an oligarchy of privately and Oxbridge educated toffs who run not just the government, banks, diplomacy but the media, music. comedy and even the opposition. We see no difference between any of the parties – we oppose Tristram Hunt with the same venom we hate Zac Goldsmith. . We don’t want to kick the tories out to replace them with Labour or any variety of failed Trots. We don’t want to kick them out at all – we want to kick them in!

Started in 1982 CLASS WAR was first a combative, funny, populist anarchist newspaper then mutated into a similar political organisation. We are proud of our past. But 30 years later the same approaches do not work. Endless photos of overseas riots and balaclaved anarchists bring no movement here. The same old same old is getting us nowhere. Time to think and do the unthinkable, to cross the Rubicon.

We are standing Class War candidates in the general election on May 7th 2015. We are doing this to launch a furious and co-ordinated political offensive against the ruling class with the opportunity an election gives us to talk politics to our class. We in no way see the election as an alternative to direct action. By the brick and the ballot.

We are not talking community politics here. It’s too late for a patient slow-build like the IWCA. The ruling class have us by the throat -they need a short sharp kick in the bollocks. Our election campaign will use any means necessary. we won’t be ushered away by PR minders – we will make ourselves central to the campaign in a funny, rumbustious combative and imaginative way. We will be on the streets and in their faces.

Class War: Because all other candidates are scum.

(More info about Class War at this link:


The Class War benefit gig is being arranged by Andy Carrington and Steve Blackman.

Artists performing on the day include a shit-load of talent from around the UK:

Piss on Authority – Punk/Anarcho/Hardcore/Metal/Crust…all of the above?! Who gives a fuck? Have a listen and make of it what you will.

Slug – Anarcho punk from London. Slug speaks up for those who need it: animals, the enviroment & people being shit on by governments, capitalism, fascism and the rich.

Andy T - Anarcho punk poet and musician – still hates Thatcher

Burning Flag – Spewed forth from the blackened mill towns of Northern England, Burning Flag is a venomous twisted sludge of 90s hardcore, industrial riff and scathing punk noise.

The Krayons – Fast, raw, dirty, Anti-fascist, Ska-infused Street-Punk from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Formed in 2006 as The Crayons and after a 4 year break from 2008 to 2012, emerged as “The Krayons” with a fresh sound and attitude.

Black Light Mutants – DIY collective… Glitched out apocalyptic visiuals, electronic dissident DIY pop hits and punker beeping noises!

Sod’s Law – Punk rock band from Derby/Burton on Trent.

QELD – That classic boom-bap Hip-Hop sound with red and black-heavy lyrics to stimulate your ear drums.

Andy Carrington – Part witty/part sceptical Anti-Fascist Punk Poet (w/ words tending to offend racist grand-parents & posh twats).

Laura Taylor – Performance poet. Strident yet curiously engaging. Enjoys upsetting apple carts in her spare time.

Keiron Higgins – Hard-bitten, poetic, spoken word punk with a tongue of lyrical eccentricity to point out the good and bad things in his life.

Wayne Stankiewicz – Spoken Word Maestro, Radio DJ, Observer of Human Behaviours. @hotcontents86 (Twitter)

It’s gonna be loud and dirty.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event page:

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Ten Minute Film Review: Sabotage (2014) Starring Schwarzenegger


For starters, the characters are awful here: Typical white-trash caricatures. This would be fine in the “typical” Schwarzenegger films, but Arnie seems more serious than anyone in this one. It’s actually a pretty decent performance from him, even though the script can’t decide if his character is supposed to be a good guy or bad guy.

The script does have its fair share of random moments:

– (a coroner shouting “BOO YAH!”)

– Sam Worthington’s supposed-to-be-serious monologue getting cornier by the second

– and a romance angle that doesn’t seem believable in the slightest

There’s a scene where Arnie and co somehow don’t get nicked after walking out of a house full of people they’ve just killed (right in front of the cops). There’s another scene that involves Arnie getting drunk, smoking a cigar and watching the tape of his wife being brutally murdered (and it’s not the first time he’s done it).

Weird tone to the movie. Real weird.

Then there’s the final-final action set piece which sees Arnie going nuts in Mexico with just a pistol on him. As enjoyable as this is, it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the film.

Come on, David Ayer, you’re capable of better than this.

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Eating Crisps for Breakfast #2: McCoy’s (Jackets) Melted Cheese & Ham

Crisps shouldn’t try to replicate the various flavours of “proper” meals. It’s too ambitious. Things need to be kept simple.

McCoys tries so hard to be the dogs-bollocks of crisps in the form of its new ‘ham and melted cheese (on a jacket potato)’ mash-up. Might sound existing, but it’s not really; the crisps deliver what tastes like a free-for-all selection of flavours which, in turn, taste like nothing in particular.

Ham and cheese jacket spuds never tasted as shit as this.

A huge let-down, McCoy’s. Very disappointing. I’ll stick with my Transformer-a-Snacks, ta.


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Class War Benefit Gig @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford, 18th April 2015

Been organising a fundraiser for Class War with the help of my mate Steve Blackman. Cracking lineup heading to the 1 in 12 Club in April — get down and support if you can.

Here’s the flier:


Check the event page on Facebook for more info.

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Punk/Poetry Night @ John Crossley Bar, Halifax (7/2/15)

Tough crowd. I think many were more in the mood for the bands, rather than the poetry. But it’s pointless preaching to the converted week in, week out, as I always say…


IMG_5251 IMG_5253

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Eating Crisps for Breakfast: Transform-a-Snacks

Crisps. I like crisps. There seems to be a distinct lack of decent ones around these days. The twats behind Frazzles changed the recipe at some point, making them a shadow of their former self; I can’t seem to find BBQ/Prawn cocktail Wotsits anywhere; and Walkers are just, well… meh.

Transform-a-Snack, however, are shit hot. Really, they are. Easily an 9 out of 10 for bag size, texture and range of flavours. I’d show you what the actual crisps look like, but I polished em all off. I often like to eat 2-3 bags on my way to work each day. Think Space Raiders but bigger and better. Suitable for veggies, too…

#SupportTheCrispRevolution and buy these when you see ‘em.


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New Book: S.O.P.H.I.E./The World Might Not Live Through the Night

Proof copy just arrived in the post. The book will be available for sale in the coming weeks, with the money raised going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

More info here:

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