Refugees Welcome: Nottingham, 28/11/15

Nottingham Refugees Welcome

Poster for the Nottingham comrades (done using Photoshop 7).

I’ve started mucking about with graphics again (since knocking it on the head at college). If you want owt doing, email us, and I’ll see what I can do.

There’s some other stuff I’ve done here.

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(Poem): The Easier Thing to Do Right Now is Blame Muslims/Migrants for Everything

Muslims have been around for thousands

of years

but all of a sudden the world’s


lie solely with them




– even if they were born here

(it’s never enough

for some).


Remember Hitler?

He blamed the Jews;

anyone queer

or living in a caravan


now it’s anyone with a beard/


anyone who’s brown

or slightly “European”.



and still hearing the same





Nothing’s changed:


people die

for their colours

or blow themselves


in the name of their



The world is at war

while the rich count

their notes

and decide which minority

to pick on next


– it’s the easiest way to divert the blame


while they’re out stealing


or training up terrorists.


Not to mention

screwing over the disabled


(but no one ever talks about that).




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Interview with I.D.E.A.L. Magazine (Philadelphia) – Summer 2015

I.D.E.A.L magazine (Philadelphia) prides itself on giving a platform for “young, urban people with disabilities”. Earlier this year, I was approached (via Twitter) to do an interview based around my writing/experiences living with an inflammatory bowel disease for their Aug/Sept edition.

The interview ended up being 4 pages long…


Cheers to Zarifa, Joseph, the editor and everyone else at I.D.E.A.L.

(from the Summer edition, 2015):


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Take that fucking French flag down.

Originally posted on AnotherCountry:

Sometimes things happen and its best to keep your disagreements to yourself. People who you cannot countenance not having on your side, people who you turn to for help, to think things through, start adopting a form of behaviour that you find alien.  So alien to the high regard you hold them in, that you want to do the equivalent of asking for a quiet word with them.   Just go, you know, what the fuck?

Let this open letter be that.

You’re reasonable. You are not the kind of person who would ever put up a union jack, or use weird internet virtual dye to make your Facebook face out in the Red, White and Blue of Britain. Even if the country went to war. Old fashioned war, young men like me called up to visit brothels and murder each other, line by line, in a country we hadn’t heard…

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EDL humiliated in Bradford: A Report back

Originally posted on Fash Free Zone:

Today the English Defence League brought their hate tour to our city. We had had only three weeks to plan a response to them but we organised public meetings, handed out thousands of leaflets, put on legal training, did banner making and hosted a benefit gig before formulating a plan and executing it on the streets.

The EDL had been talking up their trip to Bradford, they had called a truce with their splitter groups and united for the BIG ONE as they were calling it. They had been predicting bringing 400, we thought the worse case scenario would probably be about 200 of them but in the end only about 30 of them braved the Yorkshire rain and their demo was a pathetic affair.


One of the decisive parts of any action can be the intelligence you can gain on your opponent and we had plenty on them. The…

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Originally posted on :

A grand boast of
employment wonders
Local authority
licensing blunders
Dancing to the tune
of the greedy

They parachute
into towns
using a name
of local repute.
Cheap beer
Cheap food
Low wages
There is no refute…

Local pubs shut
Games leagues
Enter frothy coffee
characterless bars
and inferior craft beer

The ambience
of a mortuary
replaces vibrant
community hubs.

The death of the
local boozer.

Those soulless
chain pubs

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Interview with poet M.J. Black – ‘Shoots of resistance will hopefully blossom’

Andy Carrington:

” My favourite poet currently writing – indie or otherwise – is a chap called, Andy Carrington. His poetry is very political and is very much in the Bukowski tradition. He has published several collections, all available on his website “

Originally posted on Paul Howsley:


My questions today are to M.J. Black, a prolific poet who offers critical, dark, and often humourous looks at society, politics and a whole lot more. My first encounter with Black’s work was a chance one when I stumbled upon his relatively recent release of Shanks’s Pony, after reading that, it wasn’t long before I was back on my kindle ordering more. With titles such as ‘March of the Urban Beardsman’, ‘Gideon Oliver Osborne’, ‘Don’t Make Plans’, and ‘A Middle Class Zero Is Something To Be’ you don’t have to look far to see where he got his inspiration. Instead of focusing on one book, I wanted to ask Black about his work as a whole, what good he sees in society right now and also what else he has been up to.

How would you describe your work and what themes tend to reappear?

MJBlackIn terms of ‘style’ I’d probably…

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