Britain protests against a Tory government: is democracy dead?

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Less than 24 hours after the Conservatives won the general election, hundreds of people have flocked to Downing Street to collectively make their anger known. The protests started off peaceful, with an unexpected march filled with banners and chants.Many protesters called for proportional representation, not unlike the one used in Germany, arguing that their voices are not being heard under the current voting arrangement. Others were simply making their objection at another five years of Tory rule.

The police force are saying that they came out in such force because the protests were “unplanned”, and as such they couldn’t ensure how many mediators would be needed to maintain peace. I disagree. I think that the police presence was so strong because it made the protests seem more violent than they actually were, acting as a catalyst for the protesters’ anger. They were deliberately causing confusion, kettling people left right…

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Time for David Cameron to have that smug fucking grin wiped off his face

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So. 11 Million people have voted for the Conservative party. These people are Class traitors. They should be forgiven if they repent. They should hide in fear until then.

But, nonetheless, despite the fact that it’s a huge number, its only around 1/7th of the UK population. So it’s a case of a smallish elite of dickheads getting their way and the rest of us having to suffer. This is not a tolerable situation.

This government has no legitimacy to rule. It’s laws are not worth following. Just forget about them, don’t even read them. It would be like taking the words of a drunk angry man threatening you with violence too seriously. It’s just bullshit, don’t listen to it.

If you want a better life for yourself, your friends, your community, you are going to need to BREAK THE LAW. Don’t worry, it’s fine, millions of people break the…

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Far-right election results

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In amongst the headline-grabbing triumphs and losses of the bigger parties in the election, another story goes rather less reported – how have the far-right and fascist parties fared?

Pretty appallingly, we are pleased to report.

As one example, Britain’s most well known far-right party, the BNP, has seen its share of the vote drop by 99.7%. The BNP only got 1,667 votes  across the whole country.

Check out your local fash losers.

More analysis and interpretation to follow.

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‘Pin-striped Nazis’ and their ‘henchmen’: The links between UKIP and the fascists

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One of the most worrying developments we have seen in this election campaign has been the emergence of fascist groups acting as ‘muscle’ or henchmen for UKIP. This mirrors the classic pattern of far-right organising where an electoral party is backed up on the street by gangs of thugs, intimidating opponents and pushing forward the party agenda.

There has been a spike in attacks on rival political parties and anti-UKIP campaigners as the election has come closer, especially in Thanet, where Nigel Farage is hoping to be elected.

However, this disturbing link-up between, as BNP splinter group Britain First put it, “UKIP at the ballot box, Britain First on the streets” will not evaporate once the election is over. It is definitely something for anti-fascists and anti-racists to keep our eyes on and attempt to counteract.

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When Politics Is This Broken It’s Time To Get Out In The Fucking Streets – Starting Tomorrow, 3pm Conservative HQ

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fuck-rich1If yesterday’s election showed anything it is that most people do not want a Tory government.  Just 20% of the public voted Tory – the same proportion of the population the Office for National Statistics estimates have a personal wealth of over £600,000.  The rich are in charge despite what the rest of us want.  As usual.

No matter what might have happened yesterday the rich would still be in charge.  The UK’s electoral system has been designed over hundreds of years to ensure precisely that.  In Scotland the whole country can vote on mass to reject both of the main political parties and it doesn’t make a blind bit of fucking difference.  A million people can vote Green and nearly four million UKIP and nothing will change.  Although the UKIP thing is pretty funny.  Bye Nigel.

Already some in the Labour Party want to lurch even further to the…

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Poet Laura Taylor “If I can use my own hard times to make art, and share that widely, then that multiplies the cohesion, makes us all stronger”

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Poet Laura Taylor “If I can use my own hard times to make art, and share that widely, then that multiplies the cohesion, makes us all stronger”.

Laura Taylor Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor, 47, St Helens, Merseyside, UK.

Laura is from a village called Rainhill, which is located in between St Helens and Liverpool. Having been born into a working-class family Laura has retained the values of that upbringing. Material gain is not a high priority – happiness, harmony, love and equality are.  Laura identifies herself as a Socialist, a feminist, and says she has challenged arbitrary forms of authority all her life.  

I do not believe in hierarchies. I have no ‘art background’ as such, I’ve never studied creative writing.  I just started writing poetry in 2010 for the first time.

What motivated you to deal with the subject of writing for revolution/unsolicitedadvice in your art?

Write for Revolution’ was about…

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You Know What I Really Like? BOARDWALK EMPIRE


This isn’t your typical no-brainer TV (actually, does it even count as “TV” when I’ve just finished watching, in its entirety, on DVD?). I like this series a lot. It’s brutal, smart, funny and often pretty ridiculous.

And yes, to all the more-established fan boys, I’m very aware it’s April, 2015, and the series began 5 years ago and ended last year, in October. I tend not to follow hype. The series was quite popular (I read up about the ratings/popularity post-watching), but I never knew it existed. How fucking sad.

I’ve been out of touch with TV for quite a while. With the amount of reality trash and not being able to afford a monthly subscription for SKY, the only time I really switch on the box is to watch DVDs. Besides, I’m fed up of people going on about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones all the time (and I have Terminator and Alien boxsets on my shelves, which are much more fun).

I’m glad I randomly came across this, though, as fate would have it (ok, alright, I admit, it was actually the girlfriend and her mate that introduced me to it last year and said I “MUST WATCH IT AND STOP BEING SO BLOODY SCEPTICAL”). It took me a while for me to embrace it, but I’m glad I finally did.

Now I’ve just finished watching the 56 hour-long episodes over the course of five seasons. Took me about six months to get through it all (was told, I had to wait for the girlfriend). Now I have absolutely no guilt in saying this beats anything I’ve seen of late. By a long stretch.

Buscemi nails it. He’s nothing like the person he’s supposed to be based on (Enoch Johnson). He’s skinny, talks proper and wears tweed jackets. But he’s clever, hypocritical, ruthless when need be. He fucks with politicians, the police, his women and barely lifts a finger – mostly supping from his glass of illegal liquor.


It owes to Sopranos and The Wire for its arty and dramatic take on serious themes such as Capitalism and all its ism’s; law, crime, corruption — all of which are nicely intertwined with real-life historical events, such as the prohibition. I don’t think Boardwalk’s in the same league as Sopranos or The Wire, but it’s up there.

There’s a lot of talent on display here. Aside from the beginning of series 5 (the show’s low-point), the writing and directing is consistently involving. Tension builds; and the acting goes way beyond most things seen on TV.

The guns, tits and gore sell it, of course, but the characters do it for me. I’m a character person, always have been. The characters have to be interesting, internally/externally conflicted for me to sustain interest. Michael Shannon’s transformation from God-obsessed Federal Agent to Al Capone’s henchman is cracking; there’s a rivalry between Chalky (Michael Kenneth Williams) and Dr Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright) that heats up the more it goes along.

Stephen Graham is great as Al Capone; over-the-top, sure, but hilarious, nonetheless. He snorts coke and shoots people with big guns:

And this guy, Gyp, is fucking nuts.

Richard Harrow is the pick of all Boardwalk’s characters, for me, though; fellow war veteran Jimmy Darmody comes a close second. Both of the them are deeply conflicted – Richard, especially. At times, it’s like they can’t bear the living the life of a killer; they’re both intelligent, strong-willed and have the potential to succeed in other things, but have become poisoned by the system. The more they try to escape the world, the more it drives their lust for greed, power and violence.

The moment they meet for the first time at an army hospital towards the end of series 1 is one of the scenes that stays with me. They’re not “sociable” characters, really, but they find common ground in talking about their murderous methods.

Assisted by a post-prohibition drink, below is a short poem I decided to write in-between episodes about it. Does this count as writing for TV? ‘Cause it’s not, you know. I just really like BW.


Sitting in with Richard and Jimmy

They’re going to tell them if they’re “normal”
(more efficient killers).

Come back from war
disfigured, sociopathic
– the Tin Man and veteran need more oil.

Not many questions from the man
in the mask; and Jimmy’s hair needs
to be kept well in place.

We barely notice their eyes, their reading in the hallway.

Who are these men other
than exaggerations of who we are?

And who’s to say this is anything like
we’re meant to believe?

Offer them a smoke;
show them the Boardwalk for the guns, glamour and greed.

They’ll be dead in a few hours
and no one will even care.


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The mobilisation against PEGIDA in London yesterday was a resounding success. Rather than the tens of thousands their German parent organisation has managed to bring out on to the streets, PEGIDA UK managed about 70, among whom were many very familiar faces from the extreme right, including some notorious neo-Nazis, destroying their claim not to be a far-right racist organisation.

There was a counter-demonstration by UAF which attracted over 300 people and an ‘all-London anti-fascist bloc’ co-ordinated by London Anti-Fascists,South London Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists and Dywizjon 161 comprised of 100+ people. PEGIDA ended up barricaded inside a pub, surrounded by anti-fascists and having to be rescued by the police.

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Currently Spinning: 2 Pac: Strictly 4 My Niggaz (1992)

Used to listen to this a lot at college, smoking weed with my mates. 2 Pac’s strongest album in my view. Everyone else reckoned All Eyez on Me was his best but I always thought this was grittier.

The beats are dirty, the poetry’s angry; and there’s a lot more of ‘Pac’s “sensitive” side than on his later albums.

‘Souljah’s Revenge’ is the current fav; and ‘Holler if ya Hear Me”s still got its edge.

Couldn’t afford the vinyl, so settled for the CD instead.

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