Or Maybe You Just Don’t Like Yourself? (Poem)

Classic racist / sexist / homophobe

in the face

womanizing, chauvinistic pig

proudly waving the flag of your country

with the 3 LIONS on your shirt (which aren’t even native
to this land)
and all the imported beer / curry down your CHINA-
[An immigrant]

hating on other immigrants

(always looking for the some-
one else
to blame).
A Class traitor


just another low-
life desperate
for some attention. (Yeah, I’m stereotyping)

but you’re yet another filthy
who needs to think before he speaks.
The papers lie

and being ignorant in this world isn’t fucking


(from THE DAILY FAIL (coming soon).


Cameron Fucks Dead Pigs & I Got Called a Scrounger – BOOK REVIEW – by Nathan Brown

“He paints a picture of a shit life living in Northern England in austerity Britain post-2010. Back to Orwell, one of the things that made his portraits of 1930s poverty in ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’ and ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ was that he went and lived it. Carrington, too is living it. Unlike Orwell, he does not have a journalist’s escape pod back to a comfortable existence. At times the atmosphere becomes very bleak, in fact oppressive. This marks Carrington out as a talented writer – we know about zero hours contracts, food banks, poverty, and the way the benefits system has been turned by the wealthy political elite into a weapon to use against people in need, but he manages to transfer into the written word how that feels and generate similar emotions and responses in the reader. Despair, resentment, anger…. It’s not all doom and gloom though: we are rescued by dark humour or conclusions to these tales when the anger builds and he metaphorically leaps out of the page pointing the finger saying ‘And you, you cunts, we’re coming after ya.'”

Full review: louderthanwar.com/andy-carrington-cameron-fucks-dead-pigs-i-got-called-a-scrounger-book-review/




HST Quarterly: Fall 2016


September 30, 2016


horror, adj.
inspiring or creating loathing, aversion, etc.
sleaze, adj.
contemptibly low, mean, or disreputable
trash, n.
literary or artistic material of poor or inferior quality 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of HST Quarterly, the curated collection from Horror, Sleaze and Trash.

Featuring poems by Arthur Graham, Ben John Smith, Michael Marrotti, Robert Beveridge, J.J. Campbell, Amber Decker, Andy Carrington (‘Sigourney Weaver Reminds Me of My Mum’), Terry Smith, Chris Butler, Chelsea Howard, John D. Robinson, Johnny Scarlotti, Thom Young, Jon Bennett, John Grey, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Angelica Fuse, John Grochalski, Russ Cope, Marcus Severns, Steven Storrie, Ally Malinenko, and A. Lynn Blumer.

Message Arthur Graham for a free ebook, or PayPal $5 to arthur.graham.pub@gmail.com for your hand-made, limited-edition print copy.



Sigourney Weaver Reminds Me of My Mum 

That hair

that mouth

that take-no-shit attitude

it inspires me. She’s a strong woman


running after the baby carriage in GHOSTBUSTERS

(it seems like only yesterday).


She might not even be in the same country
or even galaxy


but her essence is alive (I believe) somewhere
in space


just floating, watching
from what seems like the heavens.


Ellen Ripley never got a proper send-
off (RESURRECTION was gash)
and Mum died
soon after before I could say


but sometimes I like to sit back and watch all the ALIENS
films back-
–     even though I’ve seen them a million
times already     –


there’s a certain appeal
in seeing an attractive woman take on outer-
in her underpants.


Freud might say I’d kill
for these women
in order to keep playing out this fantasy


but I adore them both (I ain’t just some love-sick fan-


they give me hope.

Harry Whitewolf’s ‘RHYME & REBELLION’

Swiping, biting, seething, pleading, fresh and funny, Whitewolf’s latest book of verse is a language sandwich filled with shit, shopping, poverty, war, Wi-Fi and wordplay.

Awaken your inner rebel for the modern era, with poems like: Equality For The Poor, You’re So Far Right, Ads, Abs And Apps, P.C. Pussies, Reality And T.V, Puppet Politician and The Google Boogie.

Angry, relevant and on-point.