Hook, Line and Sinker release and the ‘Alternative’…

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So, here’s another self-obsessed blog post by another DIY musician instafacetwittering for the approval of others while trying to promote their new release with no backing from agents, labels or Arts Council funds. Yes… and no…

Contrary to what is lamented and blown out of proportion in music (auto)biographies where a front-man/singer/songwriter in a band for years craves to release a solo record and finally relishes the opportunity because ”I can put down what I really feel now, man” or some other equally stomach-churning diatribe that serves to build up the ‘Myth of the Man’, it may come as some surprise that I wasn’t necessarily compelled with or struck with an immense creative urgency to release my début solo record.

Songs had been festering for a while I admit, but some riffs (Blue Mountains) lay dormant for years. In fact I must have written the Guitar riff well over…

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Days Spent in the Company of Vinyl: #10: Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep


I grew up on a lot of Wu, but never really got round to listening to any of the Gravediggaz stuff (RZA’s horrorcore group from the mid-’90s). The amount of group albums, solo albums and affiliate albums coming out the time from Wu members probably distracted me, and I must’ve overlooked.

Talk about dark; and razor-fucking-sharp. Joint-produced by Prince Paul and RZA, this record came out in ’94 on Gee Street, got re-released in ’97 and had a limited re-press in 2014 (in Australia).

What I managed to pick up here is actually a bootleg; and a really good one at that. The whole album’s been pressed onto a sorta clear/cheesey-spunk coloured vinyl (not sure if this is unique); and the cover’s identical, albeit small differences in the small print.

The “proper” press comes for £40-£50 (couldn’t afford that), so settled for this. It’s a real nice pressing, sounding pretty much on par with some of the newer records I’ve got in the crates.

You barely get a minute to reflect on the lyrics and concepts, the production’s so heavy. A proper banger, with paranoid/aggressive lyrics that you’ll need to listen a few times over for the full impact.

Favourite tracks inc. ‘Death Trap’, ‘Bang Your Head’ and ‘Diary of a Madman’ (w/ Shabazz the Disciple).

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Dear liberals: please stop derailing things about protest by ~condemning the violence~

Originally posted on Another angry woman:

Apparently someone gobbed at a journalist yesterday. And a Tory got some egg on him.

Oh, and there was a protest where 60,000 people protested the Tory choices which are literally killing people.

One would think that that would be the thing to focus on, really, but apparently it’s more important to discuss that there was some saliva in a bloke’s hair. And condemn it.

Falling over themselves to show off how respectable they are, liberals have surged to bang on about how it’s Very Bad That There Was Violence, because that means It’s All That Anyone Will Talk About And The Messages Will Be Lost. And they’re partially right. The messages are being lost. Precisely because liberals are rushing to distance themselves from a very minor incident.

We could talk about how things are so bad the UN is investigating Britain’s treatment of disabled people, that fitness to work assessments

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Gone Back to Cassettes…

or “forward” (whichever way you wanna look at it). Got hold of an old Technics deck for £20 a few weeks back and since been adding a few tapes to go with the records.

Mostly the classics (’cause they’re cheap), with a couple of newer releases from Damu and Souls of Mischief (yep, they’re still putting out cassettes).

They sound better than I thought they would (it’s a good 17 years since I last played a tape deck). Especially the newer ones.

And still better than CD/MP3.


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Pig Fucker (Poem)


Pig Fucker

And I thought we had it bad.
That poor pig.

spending your whole life
waiting around
to be carved up

then having David Cameron
face-fuck you beyond death
while you’re a lying there
just another rotting piece
of meat
on the floor.

Never trust a Tory
(how many times I gotta say it)

don’t leave him alone with your kids

and don’t let him loose
on a farm.

He’s got a craving for flesh
the filthy terrorist.

He ain’t a Muslim
(and he definitely ain’t no veggie).

from the forthcoming book, due Oct/Nov.

David Cameron, a pig’s head and a secret society at Oxford University

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Damu the Fudgemunk/Flex Mathews Live Beats & Bars

If you’re a Hip-Hop Head and are yet to experience Damu’s music, you’re missing out.


Boom-Bap Hip-Hop is still going strong. And he’s got his mate Flex Mathews down in the basement kicking some freestyles to add to the enjoyment.

Real Hip-Hop is not in the mainstream. It’s living on the underground.

(and you can buy this on tape).

QELD Droppin’ Bars Shit Hot

I smoke too much/ and don’t do nothin’/

… except listen to this a lot lately.

And I’m getting cravings for Balsamic Sea Salt & Vinegar crisps more than usual.

If you don’t understand, play the video


then listen again.

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Final Statement From Lola On The Recent Court Case

Originally posted on Malatesta's Blog:


Last October, a small group of my brothers and sisters joined the TUC anti-cuts demonstration in London. The protest was good natured with an excellent mixture of people from all walks of life, different ages, genders, races, creeds and “classes.” After speeches were given in Hyde Park, fellow antifascists decided to head to Parliament Square as we had heard the police were blocking a peaceful protest there. However, we encountered little problem and all sat about enjoying the sunshine. Our small group then decided to split off to support “The Poor Doors” action in Aldgate.

We headed into Westminster Tube station where some of the men with us decided to use the facilities. I carried on walking only to see three very obvious fascists, all scared, standing abreast at the top of some steps. I continued to walk towards them as I had thought to myself, “they can fuck off…

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The Cat’s Baked on Catnip

Yep, fully laid out.



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Days Spent in the Company of Vinyl: #9: Czarface (7L & Esoteric/Inspectah Deck): Every Hero Needs a Villain


This is less a review than it is an expression of my admiration for good music and being entertained. There is plenty of praise for this album out there already (have a gander, if you really want to); this time is being utilized to test the speakers, smoke and enjoy a boom-bap superhero fest purely for the sake of it.

If you have no idea what the hell I’ve just said, you probably haven’t heard of Czarface. It’s a 3-strong team consisting of underground veterans 7L & Esoteric (Boston) and the Wu-Tang Clan’s highly respected Inspectah Deck (Staten Island). The 3 first collaborated on the track ‘Speaking Real Words’ back in ’01 (see vinyl below); they reunited for the self-titled Czarface debut; and returned with their larger-than-life bottle on the sophomore album, June, this year.


Essentially, this is a comicbook soundtrack pieced together on an MPC with a load of aggressive rappers thrown in the mix (Action Bronson, Method Man and RA the Rugged just some of those getting in on it). Forget the social commentary; this is all about wordplay, tongue-in-cheek humour and pop culture samples/references.

‘Deck and Esoteric are on fire with the rhymes; 7L’s beats are nasty; and the whole throwback ’90s vibe has a fresh spin on it. This is 2015, but it sounds like ’94 all over again. Expect it doesn’t. Get me?

Just enjoy the record. I am. And be it that Mp3s are crap, it’s a blessing to PHYSICALLY OWN this album in vinyl form (with the added bonus of an actual comicbook included).

Music is much a physical presence as it is a stimulation of the senses. I like that I am able to get hold the damn thing, take the record out the sleeve, give it a bit of a dust off; put the needle on, watch it trace the grooves; then have a quick browse through the insert/comic as it goes off through the speakers.



The experience should be hands-on and personal (I already nearly spilt my Irn Bru over it).

This edition comes in a clear ivory colour. There was a limited blue and red alternative released on getondown.com that came bundled with stickers, a cd and t-shirt, but it was over my budget.

Haven’t properly read through the comicbook yet; but it’s pissing it down outside, the 2 vinyls are getting flipped every 10 mins or so and the ashtray’s filling up nicely.

Give thanks to the bad guys for their courageous entertainment.


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