(POEM): Science-Fantasy-Fiction


Terminator in the City
(concept art by Emmanuel Shiu)




When you’re toying between the improbable

and impossible somewhere

in the middle of the modern-

day grind

feeling like there’s not many more stories out

there left to believe




may I suggest exploring a 70s/80s/90s SCI-


flick: something that relates to real-

life, though exaggerated for full-


Throw in a few CYBORGS

ground-breaking special-

effects (/a hover board?)



solid b-actors like MICHAEL BIEHN/maybe even CARL WEATHERS




and at the very least it’ll be an entertaining

ride (if you can stomach it).




The fun is figuring out what’s really

real/when you think

you’re losing

it: (I smoke too much weed) reality and fiction

are often blurred/society exists

in many forms




and everything appears twisted like in THE MATRIX

as a cover-

up for being flat (like KEANU REEVES’




A score from BRAD FIEDEL helps drift

me off/darken

the mood; and authoritarian (ROBO-) cops come as standard

in these paranoid visions

of the future.

There’s always Dystopia



(ORWELL/K.DICK deserve credit for writing much of life’s screen-

play): the past

and present are forever linked



and the concept of time-

travel may be too hard-to-swallow

for some

but overblown, violent action set-

pieces come as a welcome distraction

–      planets getting blown up/species shot to shit by laser





and you want ELLEN RIPLEY watching

your back with a flamethrower

just in case you make contact with an EXTRA-





Now post- 2001, gone beyond the point of no





with the whole Galaxy left to explore, it’s easy to get suckered

into a black


just trying to reach

out/connect to something; lacking any sort of direction

(like the new STAR

WARS  films);




James Cameron (aka GOD) preaching

to us through his DVD commentaries further

adds to the scepticism: we’re all





common sense/theories forever getting LOST





but through desired escapism/chronic paranoia/living

in fear

we find the truth

is out there (somewhere).









* Correction Note: APATHY WILL KILL US ALL

It came to my attention recently that there was an error in the first batch of books going out: pg 33 (paperback)  /  32 (digital) [APATHY WILL KILL US ALL]: to all those of you who came across the — unfinished — poem ‘LISTEN TO JAMES CAMERON’, and were probably wondering what the fuck I was going on about, let me explain:


There must’ve been a mix-up somewhere along the lines (I’d like to blame the printers / those who helped out with the proofreading / editing, but really I’ve only myself to blame). The draft poem somehow stayed in there and passed under my radar during the closing stages of publishing; when the poem ‘SCIENCE-FANTASY-FICTION’ ended up being the finished piece (which should’ve gone in its place).


The digi release has now been corrected / updated; and the next batch of books to be printed will be free from this balls-up. Anyone who ordered early that wants the “new” poem to add-on (/whatever), let us know and I can email you it across (alternatively, you can sue me).


Apologies to anyone who caught this error. Must be my apathy kicking in…



POEM: Architect with an Ego

… dedicated to someone I once knew …

Had a “mate” once who said 35-


wasn’t enough for all the work

he did


now he’s all nicely set up with his girlfriend some-

where in Essex “LIVING



designing open-


kitchens / proposing full-block re-


all from behind the comfort

of his computer


It worries me how far his ambition

will go

when he was always obsessed

with money / looking for newer / better


to live;


he does nothing but contribute to the GENTRIFICATION

of towns (like ours around



and nobody I know can afford

the rent on these “LUXURY MILL-




except yuppies like him.



Victoria Mills, Saltaire (not his, but a perfect example)


Added: LIFE OVER DEATH FEST (Bradford 1 in 12 Club)

Don’t go to the downstairs bit. Go upstairs. There’s tea (+ probably cake) and an angry bunch of punk-poets.

And it’s for a good cause. So get saving.

3 December 2016
1 in 12 Club, Bradford

A Benefit All-Day Festival celebrating Anti-Fascist Resistance
@ 1in12 Club, 21-23 Albion St, Bradford, W. Yorkshire
Saturday 3rd December
2:30pm – Midnight
Newly reformed, OMEGA TRIBE were one of the catalyst bands of the early 80s that were truly inspirational. They released the now classic Angry Songs EP on Crass Records and the No Love Lost LP on Corpus Christi as well as It’s a Hard Life 7”. Great, tuneful music with protest lyrics that came from the heart and a sense of love. Amazing band.
Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJtcFsmml0g

CHROMA (Barcelona)
Dark wave punk with passionate lyrics, churning, moody, dark repetitive music that drives forward with energy. Check the Cuerpos Dóciles 12” LP. Their ONLY UK gig.
Listen here: https://chromapunk.bandcamp.com/

SIEVEHEAD (Sheffield)
Hailing from Sheffield, SIEVEHEAD’s sound has totally caught many people’s imaginations especially with the recent “Into The Blue” LP released on Evil Hoodoo and Milk Run records. Post punk inspired songs that draw you in and inspire. Just come and see them live!!!

BAD BREEDING (Stevenage)
A whirlwind of punk and hardcore chaos. Exciting, challenging, and pushing the boundaries of what punk can be but with a nod to the past with influences such as ICONS OF FILTH, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS seeping through their pores
Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/badbreeding

GRIT (Dublin)
New band from Dublin. Great tuneful punk anthems with politically charged lyrics and danceable tunes to boot!
Demo here: https://gritdublin.bandcamp.com/releases

MURDER (London)
Fantastic new Hardcore Punk band straight outta Deptford, South London. Brutal, fast and uncompromising music. Raw!
Demo here: http://murderhardcore.bandcamp.com/releases

Poster and more bands will be announced shortly.

There will be an acoustic event in the member’s bar.

Acoustic Stage


Vince Cayo – Coyote Rock n Roll

Rich Gulag – anarcho, acoustic punk

The Johnny Squizzercrow experiment

The Lab Rats – acoustic folk punk from Manchester

Andy Thomas – American vegan/acoustica

Holiday – acoustic version of Manchester punkers

Bar Bowen – Huddersfield’s anarcho/ vegan folk punk legend

Poetry & spoken word

Andy Carrington – Bradford own antifascist poet

David Holmes – Rebel Poet, based in Leeds

Jim Osman – performance poet

Kieron Higgins

Food will be available from the Club’s Veggie/Vegan Cafe.
More info to follow re: prices and details of the day’s events

All surplus money raised will be going to support Anti-Fascist Prisoners and towards supporting 0161 Festival in Manchester, the U.K.’s main Anti-Fascist Event

The 1in12 Club is a Members Club open to its Member and Guests. To join go to and follow the link: www.1in12.com

It Might be a Shithole but it’s Our Shithole


Somewhere in Bradford
(photo credit: John Bolloten, johnbolloten.co.uk)


It Might be a Shithole but it’s Our Shithole (Poem)

BRADFORD (my home)
is in West Yorkshire
and it’s a lot more happening than LEEDS

neighbours lounge in big leather arm-
chairs in the middle of the street
and have fridges in their back-

big dogs off leads / sometimes even Tigers.

The townspeople come alive at night, living off the booze
and awesome
curries [1]

wheelie bins often pop up in random

while the playboy Dons like to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest
zooming by in their flash
cars (whatever the time);
and the pigs are at their most obvious pulling
young lads
over in the early hours of the morning just to get their stats

You might see the occasional rat knocking around the abandoned
buildings in town

but the random cats are always on guard

and guaranteed, you’ll encounter a racist

tutting, eating
a kebab

fumbling around trying to spray-paint “EDL
in LISTER PARK / on somebody else’s

MANNINGHAM LANE used to be a posh place, I’ve heard some people

but I still like it. The footy ground’s there (BC gets the crowds)

some good boozers / a TOYS R US (open till 8)

and the Shisha places let you smoke
inside (fuck the Police).

Don’t believe the hype: we don’t breed terrorists
here (that’s just the white folks in the outer suburbs
talking). “BRATFUD” – my home –
has some of the friendliest / weirdest people you will ever
get to meet (FACT)

and still everyone enjoys a good rant
down the barbers / local
taxi rank

or in the T & A comments section

where everyone speaks the language

and whatever the shitty weather, FORSTER SQUARE
is always packed
(with someone to lend a fag).

The ODEON’s still standing (just about)
and everyone’s going crazy about the new BROADWAY ;

but 1 IN 12 CLUB is where it’s @

and take your pick for a decent fish n chips shop
– there’s plenty.


[1] personal recommendations include: Kashmir, Karachi, Bharat and the Sweet Centre (Lumb Lane).