Nazi sympathiser working for Vote Leave campaign

Pride's Purge

The Vote Leave campaign has been using some decidedly dodgy people to persuade the British public to leave the EU.

But none so dodgy as this swastika covered nazi-sympathising woman:

swastika brexit

This charming woman’s name apparently is Eva. Here she is campaigning for Vote Leave in Leeds last week:

brexit swastika

Just one of many extremists (not so) openly working for the Brexit campaign?


Thanks to Indy Media and Hope Not Hate for the heads up.

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Why I don’t buy Socialist Worker

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You weren’t a member, you tell me, in 2013 when the arguments happened. You’ve heard, of course, there was some controversy but you have been told that the people who left were sectarians. That’s true, isn’t it, they had some grievance with the SWP and they used a disagreement about the SWP’s internal procedures as an excuse to leave? Hadn’t they been planning to leave for years? 

In 2010 a man called Martin Smith (“Comrade Delta”) was the National Secretary of the SWP, its day to day leader, the person who employs the other party workers. In July of that year, a 19 year old woman (“Comrade W”) complained that he had mistreated her. She didn’t use the word “rape”, but the people who met her and heard her knew what she was talking about.

From the start, Smith’s supporters (including Weyman Bennett, who worked with him on the SWP’s anti-fascist campaign) put pressure on the women who helped…

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On The Death Of Blair Peach — standupandspit

This poem is by Siggy Moos and comes from the 1983 Hackney Writers’ Workshop anthology Where There’s Smoke published Centreprise, the community bookshop that used to be in Dalston, it’s where Hackney Pirates is now. Robin Simpson who was involved with Centreprise remembers, “We were told in 1970 that a bookshop would never work in […]

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Spark Update and Some Thoughts on Poetry

Rupert Dreyfus

Hello all,

The final manuscript for the Spark paperback is almost finished so I’m hoping to have it out there either late June or right at the beginning of July. The Morning Star will be reviewing it in due course and I’ll be sending a handful of copies to people as promised. Unfortunately I can’t give as many away as I did The Rebel’s Sketchbook because I’m more broke than Zac Goldsmith’s ego at the moment. I would like to say, however, that if you have already read Spark and are waiting for something new then rest assured that you won’t be waiting too long for my second novel. It’s called Broke and I’m now over the halfway line. I’ll be putting it out just as soon as it’s ready.

I have also added Pyongyang Selfie to my Goodreads profile with a link which allows you to read the story for free (or click here if you want to read it)…

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Poem for the Bailiffs….

‘In Response to Your Threatening Letters/Attempts to Throw Your Weight Around’

I keep a bat by the front
and a hammer by the back

on edge, most days

just waiting.

You can bring your big black book of things I haven’t paid

this is my dive;

you ain’t getting in here no matter
how much
you try.

Already graft enough
working all day/night; paying off the debts

bit of food/clothes/hot water

few DVDs (if the electric lasts the week).

No heating

– but why the fuck would you care?

Coming down here with some pig CSO acting
all tough
bout having the “RIGHT OF ENTRY”.

Piss off.

You ain’t getting in.