Hey, What Does ‘Ataraxia’ Mean?

In the FAQ section of my website, I’ve responded to this question already: “‘Ataraxia’, my alias, is a Greek term that signifies the detached and balanced state of mind that shows that a person has transcended the material world and is now harvesting all the comforts of philosophy.”

Perhaps I didn’t answer it too well, however, as there is still a lot of confusion. I came across this web-comic on the site ‘Ataraxia Theatre’, which may help:

Any good?

If you do understand it, but are now having trouble wondering why the hell I go by this alias, I’ll tell you:

Admittedly, I do have a habit of “over-thinking” things in everyday life, in an attempt to uncover why I don’t feel socially accepted. But then when I write, there’s a part of me that says “instead of embracing the values of life that are defined by the current social norm, you are privileged to have this sense of detachment.” I take great pleasure from writing and feel much more at ease, individually.

I write for freedom, but not to the extent that I have no concern for anything; rather, I value different things.

Ya get me? :)


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