Creative Writing Forum UK — Online Community for Writers

‘The Frog’ is an online community that offers you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on a range of topics including literature, music, art, photography, culture and politics… which should be of particular interest to:

Writers, Artists, Photographers, Musicians, and Philosophers.

It is an invaluable medium for creative people to share their work and offer critiques; discuss favourite books, artists, films, etc; and meet like-minded individuals.

We operate on a non profit basis, and develop primarily by word of mouth, though aim to bring exposure to a variety of talent world wide, via the root of online promotion. Our community continues to grow by name, so don’t hesitate to showcase your talents and become recognized!

Let us know what makes you tick. If you’ve got interesting things in your head – this is the place to share them! Join us today by registering your username and password quickly and easily- IT’S COMPLETELY FREE! From there you will have full access to the forums and be able to indulge in our community with other members.

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