Bored? Check Out My Extensive-Biography (With Reference to the Closest People that Have Truly Inspired Me Along the Way)

It’s weird how things pan out in life. Having attended Carleton High School, Pontefract, my main passion was for Graphic Design, which I went on to study further at Wakefield College and Norton College in Sheffield. A year or so into studying a National Diploma at the latter, however, I began developing dreams of becoming a writer after I was introduced to Hip-Hop culture by an intelligent young friend of name, named Leon, on my course. The music was my first love and I spent the days and nights of my late-teens blasting Nas, Tupac, Gang Starr, Ice-T, Dilated Peoples, Non Phixion, and just about anything I could get my hands on, which inspired me to rhyme. My passion for Graphics faded quickly and I soon left the course in Sheffield and began working in my local bar in the evenings to earn some spare cash, whilst I spent my days writing freestyles and poems.

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