Pretty Boys, Pretty Boys, Everywhere You Go…

O.K., so every time I go out of the house I seem to notice the same shit: Some pretty boy fucker with a stupid MULLET SHIT on his head, wearing a yellow HENLEYS t-shirt and one of those goddamn JESUS LOVES YOU BELTS. I mean, what the fuck? How long has this “trend” been going on for now? Do these tossers not realise they all look the same?

Even worse, lasses always seem to go for these guys like they’re the “coolest kids on the block”. Well excuse me, ladies, but you’re just as fucking idiotic as they are. So take your fucking blonde shag on your head and stick it up your blonde-invested twat hole.

Read this short piece of prose on the subject:
‘The Jesus-Loves-You Boy and the Girl Who Claimed to be Different’:

Damn, I wish I were cool like you, kid.


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