Ramsay’s Best Indian Restaurant: ‘Prashad’, in Bradford

Last week my girlfriend and I discovered a real gem of an Indian restaurant on the outskirts of Bradford City Centre, called ‘Prashad’. This tiny venue — which seats 30 and apparently used to be a launderette — specialises in authentic vegetarian dishes from North Indian, South Indian and Punjabian recipes. The staff were incredibly friendly and the food was truly wonderful (and this is coming from a meat eater).

The week after we discovered that this family-run restaurant had been nominated to compete on Gordon Ramsay’s new television series, Best Restaurant, against London-based ‘The Brilliant’. Here, Ramsay is seen visiting each restaurant personally to see how they operate, and then inviting the head chefs to compete with one another in his own kitchen to determine a worthy winner.

Although we have never eaten at ‘The Brilliant’, we were delighted to see that ‘Prashad’ ended up being rewarded for their hard work and passion for food with Ramsay declaring them as the overall winners. It definitely is a fantastically unique dining experience that we’d recommend to anybody.

For menu and more info, check ‘Prashad’ online here: http://www.prashad.co.uk/

You can also check out their feature on Ramsay’s Best Restaurant: Indian by watching the re-run of the episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-duEXf4HQ0


One thought on “Ramsay’s Best Indian Restaurant: ‘Prashad’, in Bradford

  1. I watched the episode last night and could “smell” the aroma of all the spices, etc. Although I am not a trained chef just a tempeh eater, a friend of mine from India, developed a fantastic Indian tempeh dish that I will never forget.
    I wish we had more Indian restaurants here in the Oxnard CA area; however, we have mostly Mexican and most include meat.

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