REVIEW: Machine Girl (Kataude Mashin Gru)

With gallons of fake blood, corpse rapeage, human-fingers being used for sushi, and even a psychotic Asian woman causing mayhem in a drill bra (yes, a DRILL BRA), The Machine Girl is an exploitation/b-movie if ever there was one.


When bullies kill her younger brother, schoolgirl Ami (Minase Yashiro) decides to take revenge on a sinister ninja/yakuza family. She ends up getting her arm deep-fried by an over-indulgent housewife, and eventually cut off altogether when she is outnumbered and captured. Escaping, just barely, she then seeks shelter with her friend Miki (real-life Japanese porn star Asami) and is given a machine-gun prosthetic to aid her in her vengeance.


The acting’s horrible and the film takes too long explaining how a Japanese schoolgirl came to possess a large weapon as one of her arms. For ninety minutes, though, Noboru Iguchi proceeds to showcase human flesh being decimated in the most original and goriest ways possible. The film’s entertaining and thankfully doesn’t take itself too seriously; you could call it a violent work of art.


A word of warning: There are no limits to the grotesqueness here, which definitely won’t appeal to those used to having quiet nights in watching Harry Potter movies (the first revenge scene occurring in the kitchen, particularly, is really quite disgusting). But for all other blood-thirsty freaks out for a quick fix, there’s plenty to marvel at when the action really gets going.





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