Gallows Live @ Manchester Moho, 23/11/10 (Back to the Dives Tour)



Anyone who says “Punk is dead” obviously hasn’t experienced the band Gallows in its element. On a freezing cold night in late November at Manchester’s live Rock venue Moho, the English Punk band came, saw and absolutely destroyed.

With a relaxed security presence and stage just big enough to accommodate the four-piece band, the bridge that usually separated the artist from the fans was well and truly burnt down from the off. Angry and rebellious music felt like an anthem for individuals young and old to rise up and be counted for, as they began stood just half a yard away from the talented group of tattooed twenty-somethings they paid to see.

Indeed, lead singer Frank Carter seemed pessimistically optimistic when he screamed for the Punk heads amongst him to, “Forget yourselves; you’re all gonna burn in hell!” on the opening track, ‘Leeches’, after delivering a brief moment of gratitude to everyone for coming out. This prompted many to express their political and personal frustrations via crowd surfing, stage invading, death growling into the main microphone; and even building of a human pyramid in the middle of the pit.

The venue inevitably became a huge sweatbox as a result of Gallows’ fast, enraged out-and-out blasts of Hardcore Punk Rock, with the surging crowd been told to “Get the fuck back!” by the band so it could have enough room to continue the set. Not offended, the majority then quickly dispersed and gave an appreciative round of applause, anticipating Gallows’ next energetic song.

‘In The Belly Of A Shark’ was the peak of an unforgettable night and inspired a circle pit around the compact staircase of the venue, which saw many people collapse to the floor. But as hands met and people hauled one another up, it became obvious that there was a real sense of unity and respect for all the mayhem that was happening throughout the band’s intensely infectious musical journey.

Even Carter, who sported a “Brotherhood” t-shirt and spent a majority of the band’s set in the middle of all the bodies, looked genuinely swayed by what was occurring — pumping his fists in admiration for the crowd. Finishing with emphatic ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’, he then went onto thank the venue staff for their contribution to an overall awesome night — one that definitely won’t be forgotten by anyone involved, any time soon.


gallows2 gallows3 gallows4


1. Leeches
2. London Is The Reason
3. Kill The Rhythm
4. Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake
5. The Vulture (Act II)
6. The Great Forgiver
7. Abandon Ship
8. Gold Dust
9. Misery
10. I Dread The Night
11. In The Belly Of A Shark
12. Orchestra Of Wolves



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