A Poem About FIFA: The (Virtual) Wanker in the Black (Dedicated to Mr Barbosa)

Well, considering that I am pretty much an addict of playing FIFA, it had to happen. Here be a poem about the very popular (and competitive) video game, and, particularly, one of its most inconsistent referees, Mr Barbosa. This is my first collaborative poem to date, which was written by myself and my good friend, Will Murray.

The theme here is how video games can sometimes simulate reality… and sometimes not. Either way, best just to enjoy them, right, and not take them too seriously? There’s already enough violence in the real world. (That’s rich coming from me, I know, considering the number of ridiculously over-the-top videos of us playing FIFA that have been uploaded to YouTube, thus far).

There’s also a special mention of the greatest footballer to have ever lived (Kayode Odejayi, of course).

Read it here: http://www.andycarrington.co.uk/poetryprose


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