REVIEW: Adam Bomb, ‘Wasted Talent’ (Single)


Not to be confused with the ’80s rock guitarist/singer who has worked with numerous bands throughout the years, Adam Bomb is a Toronto-based emcee who also describes himself as an “Unanonymous Alcoholic”.


Hardly surprising, then, that the first single to be put out with his talented collective “Freedom Writers” movement is titled ‘Wasted Talent’, with its personal commentary concerned with the influence of alcohol upon the creative self (“It’s clear that I think I can solve more problems with a beer than a shrink,”) and the state of Hip-Hop as we speak.


For better or worse, alcohol plays a role in the life of many emerging writers, and Adam never shies away from this choice of lifestyle on this track right here. Accompanied by some awesome, head-nod-worthy production from Big Sproxx, the emcee not only assaults the mic with a barrage of cocky punchlines denoting his worth to the game, but gives the word on most radio stations ignoring underground talent in favour of wack, commercial artists (“Lately I put out the rare joint for the respect/ ’cause radio wouldn’t see the point on the V-neck”).


Bomb needs only one verse and no hook to get his point across, which says to me he’s confident enough to put his music out there with little fuss. In that sense, be sure not to take the title of this track quite so literally: Adam Bomb is an upcoming talent determined to get the respect he deserves. Expect more bangers from him in the coming months.



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