REVIEW: Fischetti Barz, ‘Loose Cannon’ (Single)


Representing NYC and NJ, Fischetti Barz has been gunning for mics since his early childhood, but on his latest track, ‘Loose Cannons’, he’s brought a couple of friends and looks as serious as he’s ever been.


Emerging talents Servi-izm and Jerz Lex go in first, doing much more than just warming the mic up with their contrasting styles of flow, but equally-as-devastating wordplay.


Third in the pecking order, Fischetti then grabs the mic, keen to spit murder in every bar (“My eyes are X’s, my smile’s demented/ when it’s time for vengeance, I’m relentless,”), after which the cuts kick in and the beat begins to quickly fade out, leaving us feeling pretty dirty on the inside.


That’s all in the good sense, though: ‘Loose Cannons’ gives off that real hard, underground, street vibe that smacks you right in the face, making you want to sit up and listen. It’s becomes pretty obvious from what is heard here that these cats ain’t got the time to fuck around with that soft-spoken, radio-friendly shit like most.


Neither have we for that matter.


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