REVIEW: Rise Against’s Self-titled 7″ (EP)


Considering punk band Rise Against has been venturing more and more towards the mainstream with recent work, this self-titled, vinyl-only EP may come as a surprise to fans new and old, especially considering the screamy extent of Tim McIIrath’s vocals.


Containing two songs, ‘Grammatizator’ and ‘Voice Of Dissent’, the material is reminiscent of RA’s earlier days as a hardcore punk band (as seen with albums like The Unravelling and Revolutions Per Minute) with its dirty-sounding guitars and aggressive lyrics.


Apparently recorded when the band was in the process of putting together Appeal To Reason, these two tracks got left out and released only on this separate EP as a result of a failed bet members had with former Fat Wreck Chords chairman “Fat Mike”.


‘Grammatizator’ is probably the better track of the two, but both are proof that Rise Against is still capable of producing that harder-edge music most of the older fans want. So if you doubt the band can still do it, check this out (just don’t expect there to be a full-length album in similar vein).


According to the label, pressings have been limited to 1010 on red marble vinyl and 4008 on standard black, so you better get one quick if you haven’t done so already.


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