REVIEW: Reks, ‘Why Cry? (Single)


Forever proclaiming that “the year of the show-off is about to continue”, Boston rapper Reks got the opportunity to lace a track with one of Hip-Hop’s most prominent producers, The Alchemist, on his latest album Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme.


The hook-up certainly does neither artist any harm from the evidence here, with ‘Why Cry?’ sounding as aggressive as it does creatively controlled in both the emceeing and beat-making departments.


Alchemist, proving that he isn’t about to settle for just the fame as Eminem’s official DJ, strips his beat down to a simple synth and cymbal, allowing Reks, and guest LOX rapper Styles P, to deliver street knowledge and innovative battle punchlines in their technically gifted manners.


It’s a really solid effort from the three artists as a whole that proves Hip-Hop is very much still alive amongst most underground cats, as well as some of those who’re fortunate enough to be more active in the mainstream spotlight.


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