REVIEW: Adam Bomb, ‘My People’ (Single)


Toronto emcee Adam Bomb’s third single/video in not that many months showcases him in dirty overalls, circling potentially better jobs in the newspaper, whilst reaching out to the everyday people with his insightful lyrics and impressive delivery.


By representing the streets and the everyday, struggling-just-to-get-by workers, Bomb’s aim is to seek the trust of the people as he reaches for new heights and inspires others to do the same.


The Martin Luther King sample on the track sums this up perfectly: “We overlook the work and the significance of those who are not in the so-called big jobs.” And Bomb, seemingly working as hard as ever in developing his dreams as a Hip-Hop artist, shows nothing but love for the people that are paving the way for him and other natural talents.


With Big Sproxx of the Freedom Writers movement again behind the boards, ‘My People’ is a short, but incredibly feel-good song that further exemplifies Adam Bomb is on the road to greater things.



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