Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #7

Here’s Emma Watson spreading her hateful propaganda about Muslims on Facebook:

Group: ‘Being proud of your race is ok, unless your white, then it’s racist.’


4 thoughts on “Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #7

  1. Well done. Make her a target to violence, very mature.
    Why only show her comments where her views are the strongest.
    Are you needing something to bring attention to the shit load of babble you call ‘art’?
    Now due to human rights you are breaking the law by not only publishing her name but her picture too.
    So i suggest blanking her surname and picture out before one of us racists goes to the police about this. This is a credible threat of violence.
    You think you know everything but the truth is you know fuck all.

    1. Why post as “anon”? Very mature, also.

      And I hardly think taking a screenshot of what a racist fucking said in a public group hardly classes as a credible threat of violence. She joined Facebook, uploaded a picture and published her own racist thoughts. All I did was simply record what was there. If she was scared of getting caught, she shouldn’t post such bigotry in the first place. Maybe next time she’ll learn.

      You know that I’m right, hence why you decide to attack my work. Go ahead, such things were written for bigots like you and her.

  2. yes on facebook, not for you to take for your own using. were calling the police soon when emma gets to mine. so see what they have to say shall we.

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