What Ever Happened to Guinness Red?

I first wrote in an entry sometime last year about this new GUINNESS RED I came across in O’Neill’s Irish Bar, Leeds.

Prior to a gig last night, I got craving for another pint of the red stuff; and seen as though me and the girlfriend were close by, we decided to pop in.

Guinness Red was no where to be seen on draft.

A little worried, I asked the barman where it’d gone, and hisshort reply was, “Oh, the brewery isn’t making it anymore.”

So, this must’ve been a limited edition thing, then?

I hope not.

Had a quick look for info on the web when I got back, but couldn’t find anything that says why Guinness isn’t making it/if it’s ever coming back.

If anyone has any answers, get in touch.

The last ever pint?


11 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Guinness Red?

  1. Hi I too discovered Guinness red at oneils in Leeds and found it to be a great drink. But sadly haven’t found it any where else..

  2. I had my guiness red in an Irish bar in derby 2008 loved it and haven’t seen it since. Found your thread after googling it

  3. I once tasted Guinness red at a premier inn At Stafford in the summer of 2009.the problem with beer in the UK is the younger generation like fancy lagers and ciders

  4. had a day on guinness red at my mates stag do in newcastle a few years back it was awesome. sadly missed along with guinness bitter. always on the lookout for it where ever we go.

  5. It was on draft in a small and awful struggling out-of-town “community” pub in Warwick (The Dunn Cow), around that time for around six months? Very strange.

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