The EDL/BNP Officially Hate Me

What an honour to be called a “traitor”. I must be doing something right, they’ve put me on Redwatch:

If you didn’t know:

Redwatch is a British website associated with members of the far-right British People’s Party. It publishes photographs of, and personal information about, alleged far left and anti-fascist activists. It typically targets activists in political parties, advocacy groups, trade unions and the media. There used to be a British magazine of the same name with similar subject matter, associated with Combat 18. The website’s slogan is “Remember places, traitors’ faces, they’ll all pay for their crimes”, a quote from neo-Nazi musician Ian Stuart Donaldson.

Article in The Guardian:


3 thoughts on “The EDL/BNP Officially Hate Me

  1. A guy I know from school has been put on Redwatch, I had a gander and found your site.

    You talk a lot about random idiots and bigots but what’s really pissed me off lately is the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ debate. There’s an actual documentary about it coming on Channel Four and it doesn’t EXIST!! I’m hoping the documentary will make a point that it’s an activity centre over two blocks away that’s to encourage inter-faith relations and has a pool as well as a prayer room but I don’t know, it seems from the adverts it’s just a bunch of idiots chatting shit.

    Charlie Brooker explains it better:

    This needs to be addressed, not only are the media encouraging outrage and hatred towards muslims but I’ve been having to put my family members and friends (who are not bigoted or uneducated in any way, just gullible) straight about this. Why call it the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, what good could that possibly do?

    Even without newspapers like the Daily Mail or the Sun I’m sure those idiots on facebook would still be saying the same things more or less but christ, it doesn’t help does it?!

    1. Hi,

      No, it doesn’t help. Social networking sites seem to be the easiest and most common tool available to spit hatred these days. I find this disturbing and incredibly worrying, hence why I recently wrote a declaration that I would tackle it ( ).

      I will be looking out for the documentary. I’m not surprised that this “Ground Zero Mosque” doesn’t exist, though. The media are disgusting hounds for preying on shit and blowing it out of proportion. The Daily Mail, as you mentioned, are the main culprits for things like this.

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