REVIEW: Disco Nasties, ‘Racist Bastard’ (Single)


Little is known about the band Disco Nasties ‘cept that they hail from Manchester and like to speak out against “racist bastards”.


It was through increasingly positive word of mouth from anti-fascist demo attendees and DIY punk enthusiasts that I came across the band’s single about racism.


Dressed like buskers amidst a Love Music Hate Racism festival, the boys can be seen knocking out their jangly pop/punk guitar sound with the backing of the hard drumming of their female member in the live video.


The “ARGHHHHS” in-between digs to average racists who liked to read The Sun and The Daily Mirror are a bit random, but nevertheless add to the attitude of the song.


‘Racist Bastard’, overall, is catchy, witty and surprisingly fun resistance to racist ideologies that the likes of The BNP and EDL are attempting to bring to light here in Britain.



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