Neek the Exotic and Large Professor Beefing?

I’ve been listening to Large Professor/Neek the Exotic’s awesome album Still on the Husle in my car recently, and after stalking their Twitter accounts, came across what seemed like some rather derogatory comments towards one another via their tweets.

From what I gather, Neek seems to be pissed off at Large Pro for not marketing their collaborative effort the way he would’ve wanted. His latest comment, on October the 12th, states:

“Put my voice mail on ya album well put this on it now fuc u large professor nuttin else to say u aint my brother,friend or nothin.”

A few of his tweets before that seem to relate to the same argument:

“u bitch ass nigga fuc u u tried to fuc shit up from the begining u can fool them other niggas that kiss yo ass all day but not me nigga.” (12 Oct)

“i do my album wit a bitch ass nigga that really didnt do nothing to promote at all so why u get on it u wanted me to fail anyway.” (11 Oct)

“nigga do an album wit me just to fuckin hate at the end of the day and try to stop me from shinnin but im the sun nigga u bitch ass nigga” (11 Oct)

Large Pro seems to be rather quiet on the matter, and although not mention Neek directly, this tweet seems have responded to the matter:

“nga you sposed to be a player, not writin on twitter like some hurt bitch.” (28 Oct)

I’m speculating here, and I hope the two haven’t fallen out, but the comments seem more than coincidental.

I wonder, does anyone have any info relating to this?


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