EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Gets a Slap

“They” hate you, Tommy, because you’re a racist, fascist wanker, and, naturally, they don’t want you anywhere near “their” neighbourhood. The reaction was to be expected.


8 thoughts on “EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Gets a Slap

  1. pussy got slapped , hear him how he crapped his pants oh close the windows fukin pussy, he should back his big man talk racist cunt

  2. What a double standard! If it had been the other way around all of you lefties would have been crying for his arrest. But since it was one of your islamofacist allies you all praise him and and make excuses for this islamic asshole. Just ask the leftists who supported the downfall of the Shah in Iran what happened to them when the islamist took over. You socialist have such appalling double standards. There was no justification for that lunatic to slap this man. In what civilized society is it okay to slap someone because of their views. As far as the EDL terrorizing towns, what about the islamic extremists who started all this bullshit by insulting the soldiers in Luton? You lefties have drank the kool-aid.

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