Marching on Together: A Poetic Tribute to Gary Speed

I have remained largely quiet on the subject of Gary Speed’s death since it was made public a couple of weeks ago now. It was an emotional time, particularly seen as though I spent the best part of my youth at Elland Road, watching Gary Speed play his heart out for Leeds on the left wing, with his name and number printed on my replica shirt. It sounds corny and cliché saying this now, but he really was a model professional, not just for the club I support, but also for football in general.

I’ve been working on a poem that portrays the feelings and thoughts surrounding myself, Leeds United, the sport and the media ever since this tragic event came to everyone’s attention. Cynicism mixes with optimism in much of the writing, with the key question I found myself asking been with how we live and act, and how this affects the community as a whole.

I’m hoping the poem strikes an emotional chord with readers. Feel free to comment and share it around as much as you like. Thanks.

(View the poem here: (scroll down to “Misc. Poetry” and click ‘Marching on Together (A Tribute to Gary Speed)’. It will open in Adobe Reader. If you don’t have it, get it here for free).


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