REVIEW: B.Dolan (Feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis), ‘Film the Police’ (Single)


‘Film The Police’ is an excellent tribute to NWA’s controversial ’90s joint ‘Fuck The Police’, with a useful message for aspiring activists about tackling police corruption.


Opening with rapper/CEO Sage Francis’ take on Dr Dre’s famous emulating judge speech, in comes B.Dolan with his fierce flow, attacking those cops who abuse their power and like to harass individuals on the street.


Backed by Rhymesayers artists Toki Wright and Jasiri X, and some innovative sampling of the classic Dre beat courtesy of UK DJ Buddy Peace, there’s a real sense of knowledge of hip-hop culture, and the frustrations of many political activists within the modern day.


As well as having a powerful video that depicts the excessive violence used by authorities on protestors, the inspirational lyrics and fist-pumping music serve as a call to arms for everybody listening.


Thanks to the evolution of technology, the key message here is that we, the people, have the power in our hands, and we must continue to fight back if we are to overcome authoritative injustice.



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