Comments from Ronny Moreno (Partner of Roddy Moreno (THE OPPRESSED)) Reviews My Book

Ronny Moreno AKA “Ronny Skin” (S.H.A.R.P.) (2012):

“I expected something different from this book, and I am pleased to say Carrington did not only touch upon the hatred/misunderstanding that sadly exists between people, but continued his research towards a horizon of hope.

“Fear affects life, and reading in-between the lines of his poems I can see the inspiration behind Carrington’s work. Hate calls for hate and separation, and love calls for love and understanding; Carrington wanted to bring out the idea of freedom as a communion between the races, specifying how politics is the greatest evil in influencing already-ignorant people into becoming racist and hypocritical.

“As Andy believes, I believe only if you manage to go beyond yourself, beyond your mental limitations, you will begin to understand those who are of a different race and/or nationality. By recognising the positivity in difference, it is then that we are able to grow.”

(Cheers, Ronny)




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