2 thoughts on “Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #13: EDL Hit Out at Their Negative Portrayal on ‘Proud & Prejudiced’ Documentary

  1. Biased media at its finest. You wanna know what ticked us off? We were excited to find a program that was portraying us in a fair light only to find the government had forced them to edit it at the last second, of course we were going to think it was just going to attempt to portray us as evil. Though we don’t know what was cut out I personally suspect it has to do with the UAF, a bunch of government funded thugs that start riots at every EDL protest. They threw BRICKS at us, BRICKS! Yet little to no mention on the news. It’s likely the government don’t want any of the blame for these riots being traced back to them so they mostly had them cut out, unfortunately that does in turn make us look bad.

    In the end we’re a bit meh on it.

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