Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #16: The “Not racist, not violent” @WeAreTheBrits

“Patriotic” Twitter User @WeAreTheBrits likes to stir up controversy on a daily basis, hiding behind his Twitter and YouTube accounts. For all the outrageous propaganda that he preaches, though, he often sinks deeper into delusion with claims that he is part of an organisation that is peaceful, not racist or violent.

Screenshots uncovered of his recent activity state the obvious: He belongs to a small line of out-of-touch, hateful scumbags who aim to cause violent separation of religions and races.

Comments include: “We shit and piss on Islam,” “Paki cunt we’ll burn you out of the UK, house by house,” and “Pakis, muslims, left wing politicians, we’re going to destroy them all.”


Cheers to @NemesisRepublic for forwarding this info on.


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