Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #18: Racist/Islamophobic Facebook Pages That Are Still Active

Below’s a list of some of the main Facebook pages I’ve noticed for stirring up hatred between whites/Christians and non-whites (most particularly, Muslims) recently, online.

As well as the provocative admins who set up these pages, some of the comments on them are disgustingly offensive and could do with reporting.

‘Does my England Flag/Shirt offend you? Get the fuck out of England then!!!’:
(Try reading this, dickheads: http://enemiesofreason.co.uk/2010/05/20/the-england-shirt-ban-and-other-myths/)

‘Fuck Islam’:

(Bacon jokes, in 2012. Come on.)

‘I’ll Take Down My England Flag If You Eat A Bacon Butty’:

‘If the England flag offends you, I’ll be happy to help you pack!’:

‘There is no dog but allah’:

‘Stop Islamization of the world’:

(Pretty much sums up how ignorant and deluded people on this page really are.)


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