Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #22: London 2012 Opening Ceremony Annoys Tories, EDL and Anti-Multiculturalists

A few weeks back, I made the following post on Facebook, expressing my dissatisfaction towards the amount of government funding being injected into the Olympic games:

Despite viewing the games as an obvious “cover up” for the real problems Britain is facing at this point in time, I did say to myself I would support the athletes and maybe watch the odd event on TV, if I found the time.

Discovering later on this evening that the opening ceremony had clearly wound up Tory MPs, EDL members and anyone concerned with how “multicultural” the games appeared to be, I found myself drawn into the Olympics that little bit further.

Take a look at this wanker by the name of Aidan Burley (Conservative MP), who expressed on Twitter his paranoia about how the games were being run by “lefties”:

David Vance — “Right of liberal, deficit realist, editor of ‘A Tangled Web’ and ‘Biased BBC'” — seconds this:

(I’m guessing they didn’t like the NHS tribute, then?)

Meanwhile, EDL member Marc Hagan has an obvious problem with black kids:

(Obviously, he failed to recognize the amount of Muslim women representing their countries in this year’s games; and white and black people mixing with one another, clearly demonstrating multiculturalism is doing just fine, despite his whining.)

All the fancy stuff of the opening ceremony won’t paper over all the cracks of a Government-back Olympic games, but it served to annoy a number of Tory/far-right fuckheads. That’ll do at least.


8 thoughts on “Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #22: London 2012 Opening Ceremony Annoys Tories, EDL and Anti-Multiculturalists

  1. You’re just another indocrinated self hating honkey I’m afraid. This kind of social engineering was popular in Stalinistic theatre in the 50’s but you’re right the marxist Boyle got his remit from the marxist Cameron fresh from giving speeches at DEMOS. We all know the agenda you know. Destruction of civil liberties. Design on creating an easily led dumbed down, intellectually stunted hybrid race of anglo monkeys. This country is borderline gone you’ve won this war I suppose but the rest of Europe can clearly see the race death that has come straight from zion hitting the poor stupid white Briton. I don’t think our European neighbours are going to follow the same line. I guess your marxist frankist jew leaders are going to have to bring out the bio weapons to take us all out. Let’s see what transpires.

    1. Ah, yes.

      I must be anti-white.

      I must be anti-British.

      I must support Marxist leaders.

      You paranoid, assuming fool. You’re wrong on all accounts.

      But thanks for surrendering. That’s quite funny. Don’t let the EDL hear you saying that, though.

  2. The EDL is controlled oposition. They are all zionists. The BNP also controlled oposition. Nick Griffin is an arch zionist just like all the cabinet and all those before in living memory.

    If you think London has had white flight already just you wait and see what transpires. Boyle’s vision of a happy contented multicultural Britain is pure unadulterated fantasy. The U.K is a deeply divided country which naturally was why they did it. You want a dystopian 1984 style society it’s coming and multiculturalism is the trojan horse.

    1. Multiculturalism generally is happy and functioning. It’s only the threatened racists who are attempting to permit such things and divide us all.

      Or do you still think all Muslims are out to take away our freedom?

  3. Of course they are not. The muslims in the U.K just like the blacks are economic migrants that have been deliberately dumped on this land to hasten it’s destruction. The labour party were originally against the waves of black immigrants to this country. They knew it back then. It was designed to destroy the white working man . Everything deceiptful has transpired from zionism. Black on white and asian on white crime is a huge largely unreported problem and is leading to ethnic cleansing of the indigenous British populace because zionists hate Chritstian goy white people more than any other. We are being set up to be destroyed in race wars just like the American Christian whites are being set up with La Raza in the States. Divide and conquer. It has always been their modus operandi. Multiculturalism is a marxist term designed to destroy the indigenous culture. We are being balkanised and if you want to see what the future holds just look at the former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately it is white men who have been brainwashed by a dehumanising all consuming propaganda effort to emasculate them. It has largely been financed with Jewish money. My fellow countrymen have been morally destroyed by a scientifically run program so deceitful and so thorough they largely aren’t even aware it’s happened. You’re a socialist I’m assuming. Well that’s just the hegelian dialectic. Cameron gives speeches at marxist think tanks like DEMOS. Milliband is the son of a marxist professor. Grandson of a Jewish Cheka Christian murdering marxist. Obama’s real father was a marxist Soviet funded poet and agitator Frank Marshall Davis and all his policies are moving the nation into NDAA imprisonment without trial everyone against me is a terrorist territory. We are heading into dangerous dictarorial territory and it’s all because of people like you who are incapable of critical thinking. This great multicultural experiment was designed to fail. It was designed as a trojan horse and everyone is going to reap the whirlwind. The end result will be interracial wars as population reduction tools with the goal a one world government and a supra green fascist hunger games style agenda. A feudal system with the elite at the top and everyone else living in the dirt at the bottom.

    1. Before you have the cheek to complain about the number of people who have made it into this country, perhaps you should tell “your” country
      to stop siding with America and invading other lands purely for profit.

      Yawn, just another paranoid white supremacist.

  4. I am against all interventions and pre emptive strikes. That’s the military industrial complex for you. I’m certainly not a white supremacist. A defender of the faith/race yes. Note how you can have an association of black police officers but if a white footballer calls a darker hue footballer black he is effectively condoning the gas chambers. Oh but we both know that’s a thought crime and in Orwellian Britain that’s just not on. Paranoia is when you’re argument is baseless. I wonder. Were you one of the liberal fools whooping and hollaring when Barry Soetoro Marshall Davis Obama got elected. I knew he was bent the moment I saw him. Far too smooth in front of his teleprompter. Utterly incoherent without it of course. Please why do the robot radicals at the Guardian and other leftist think tanks not take him to task over Camp Xray, Lybia, Syria, NDAA, wiretapping, executive orders (hmm maybe they’d naturally approve on that one – very marxist), Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Iran and all the other mudhuts he’s planning on destroying with drones??

    Rhetorical question of course. Is it cos I is black??

    1. You really do conspire an awful lot.

      I’ve heard no such story of a white footballer calling a black footballer “black”, but there has been a little case of a white, England captain using derogatory language towards a black defender. There’s a bit of a difference there.

      And before you use the whole “hey, white people receive racism, too” argument: Yes, they do, but no where near as much as the other way around. Keep shit in perspective.


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