Punk Band The 4-Skins Confirms it’s Islamophobic

Recently, the subject of “skins” band The 4-Skins — and whether they’re Nazi, anti-fascist or generally middle of the road — has been debated amongst myself, friends and other punk enthusiasts. Though openly denying it’s Nazi, the altered lyrics to the band’s live rendition of ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ appear to prove otherwise:

“Don’t wanna die by a terrorist man; don’t wanna live in a Muslim land […] we should kill them before they kill us!”

Fuck this band.


11 thoughts on “Punk Band The 4-Skins Confirms it’s Islamophobic

  1. You are an idiot. Islam is such a glittering bastion of bigotry that to do anything but oppose it fervently is a grave disrespect to rationality. I praise all those with a passion for human rights who stand up again these retards.

    The irony here is that your most likely anti Christian but to make a point you fake tolerance.

    1. I think it is a bit of a paradoxical situation we are in at the moment, we are supposed to tollerate peoples beleifs but a lot of religions are sexist and homophobic, so are we supposed to tollerate people who dont tollerate? Or are they not tollerated? if so who decides? I am confused.

  2. Islamic extremism and terrorism is a major problem, but Islamophobia and war only make it worse. We have a right to defend ourselves against terror whether it be muslim or otherwise, but most muslims aren’t terrorists and i imagine they are ashamed of terrorism in the name of their religion.
    It is right to take a stand against violent extremism, but i worry that these lyrics may foster violent extremism against muslims in general, which will only add to the problem.

  3. Such a shame they’d change the lyrics to side with the minority of fascists instead of staying anti-fascist with ACAB. I loved the 4-SKINS growing up, their music, and lyrics spoke to my angry young self, I feel let down, as you get older aren’t you meant to grow up, this is just shit, they could have been bastions of the old school.
    Britains in trouble, countrys bled dry
    handicapped and eldery have all gotta die
    no one fights the system, fight with each other
    the combine is laughing, scared of big brother

  4. Havn’t you tossers got more important things to do than bother about a few words. You expect others to respect your ideaology, practice what you fucking preach.

  5. All I can say to people is don’t fall for this. Don’t say ‘fuck the 4-skins’, they always will be amazing with many classic songs and great messages. Don’t read these articles trotted out by the same types who have been out to get Oi! since day one and judge the entire band based off the actions of a single member (this line-up features only Gary Hodges, the first of three different singers). Hoxton Tom, the only constant member through most of their career, was known to be anti-racist and I’ve even read that their drummer Pete Abbott used to play with Conflict.

    Besides, as has been said, such a criticism of radical islam is definitely inflammatory and likely to be divisive but not ‘racist’. If he was criticising Christianity you’d have no problem.

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