Hope Not Hate Review My Book, ANTIFA

Ben Speroni (Campaigner/Writer for Hope Not Hate) (2013):


“Anti-fascism and artistic expression often go hand and hand. The hatred, closed-mindedness and violence of fascism and racism are natural enemies to creativity, so anti-fascism is its natural ally. Despite the prefix, anti-fascism isn’t a negation – it’s an affirmation of being human.


“Andy Carrington, whose Paki-Lover collection was reviewed here last summer, certainly seems to think so. But like many people who’ve used their creativity to oppose the ideology and actions of racists, he’s come up against some flak. ‘They know me / as that guy on Redwatch / who got snapped / wearing a military / jacket with a crossed-out / swastika on my arm,’ he explains in ‘Who the Fuck is Andy Carrington?’ (as in his previous collection Paki Lover, the writing is strongest when it’s straightforward and personal).


“The keyboard warriors and pub bores of the master race, it seems, have been up to their standard tricks with Andy, calling him “traitor”, making fun of the chronic illness he suffers from and threatening him with violence.


“But the same characteristic determination, mixed with honesty and humility, is clearly still present. And hatred and ignorance are still the enemy, for as Andy rightly says:


‘We are born to be


thinkers and designers


of a better world.’



antifa lulu FINAL RED


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