Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #24: Fascists Get Desperate

Yesterday, some annoying Internet gob-shite claimed to know me and posted up my apparent home address (I have not lived at this residence since 2003).

As Combined Ex Forces member Daz CxF also put it yesterday, “I’m well known amongst Combat 18 and other Nationalist groups” and the in-thing at the minute seems to be posting up my details in an attempt to “get to me”.

Today, I got a random message from Tommy “Anti-Antifa” Law, who made the ambiguous claim that I threaten women. When I asked him to provide evidence, he quickly changed the subject, resorting to posting up my apparent address in Pontefract (again).

When I laughed that off, he went back to calling me a “woman beater” and asking if I’d like to pay him a visit:

Fascists really aren’t very bright people, so, naturally, they only option in the end is resorting to violent threats.

But I’m still alive and well.


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