Unheard-of Hip-Hop Classic: ‘Forwards or Backwards’ by Shed Life (Feat. DJ Fakts One)

So, I’ve had this song, ‘Forwards or Backwards’, on a random mix CD for years, and it’s always been incorrectly assigned to Chino XL (when it quite obviously sounds like it isn’t him).

The hook goes: “Forwards of backwards, yo, which way are we traveling; seems to me like the whole world’s unraveling.” [scratch] “What’s a wicked nation?” [scratch] “One with blind men.”

Over the years, I’ve attempted a few times to track down the artist responsible for this pretty awesome slice of raw, conscious Hip-Hop, but been unsuccessful.

Tonight, though, I came across a thread on Underground Hip-Hop forums, started by a guy who was just as keen to find out who the artist behind this track was (he also incorrectly thought it was Chino XL to begin with).

Well, thanks to a very informative reply, turns out this track is by a guy named Shed Light (feat. DJ Fakts One), and it’s off his 2005 album Perseverance (even though I first heard the track at least three years before that, I’m sure).

Check the link to download a sample of this awesome track for free: http://www.earlyspotter.com/releases/shed_light_perseverance.html (now that I know the artist responsible, I’m gonna be picking up the album asap, so I’ll upload the full version of ‘Forwards or Backwards’ in the coming days).

A brief bio of the artist, Shed Light, here: http://www.earlyspotter.com/artists/shed_light.html (unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much more info anywhere on the web about this guy. Anyone know what happened to him?)


5 thoughts on “Unheard-of Hip-Hop Classic: ‘Forwards or Backwards’ by Shed Life (Feat. DJ Fakts One)

  1. That’s pretty wild. I was searching for this track yet again, and stumbled across this. I’m the guy that asked the question on underground hip-hop forums :)

    Not sure what happened to Shed Light but glad other people out there appreciate that song.

      1. Thanks so much, that’s really kind of you. I feel like the MC’s voice kind of sounds similar to Chino, so maybe that is the confusion? I think I first found this song in the Napster days, back when there were a lot of improperly labeled songs. Perhaps this was one of the only copies floating around on the music sharing sites and no one bothered to change it.

        Sometimes the titles or artists people would list were hilariously wrong. Like not even close ;)

        Wow…didn’t even realize you were a prolific author. Might have to check some of your work sometime!

      2. Ha! Not really “prolific” (I haven’t got it in me to write a full novel yet), but I do write a lot of poetry. Have a browse of my website and see if anything takes your fancy (lots of hip-hop-related reviews on there, too).

        Oh, and the Shed Life album should be with me by the weekend, so I’ll hit you up via email when I’ve uploaded it.

        Take care, man.

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