REVIEW: Jus Daze/DJ Brown13: Bow II The Bow (EP)


Judging by Jus Daze’s insanely stocky appearance, he’s not a guy you’d want to fuck about with. Ironically, though, his laid-back (but just-as-bullish) brand of Hip-Hop is not only very inviting, but enjoyable, as exemplified on his latest EP, Bow II The Bow.


I must admit, I’m pretty unfamiliar with Daze, but upon first listening to his music, I thought he was very well-spoken, had nice rhymes and a real tight flow. Accompanied by some impressive scratches and production courtesy of DJ Brown13, Bow definitely warranted a second listen after the lingering suspense of the outro track.


Brown exercising his DJ skills on the intro track proves to be just as mouth-watering the second time around; and Daze’s declaration that he’s “ready for the show” over the top of some blues-led production, let’s everyone know that shit’s about to go down.


‘Victim Of A Vic’ is especially dark, showcasing the dauntless nature of Brown’s beat-making and cutting, with Daze convincingly putting his years of battle rapping to the next level on wax; whilst ‘Pun Intended’ — containing a well-known sample from my beloved Rocky films — is straight dynamite to the ears.


Dreamy track ‘Sugar Mountain’ is dope; and ‘Betin’ reminded me a little of prominent underground rapper Adeem. Overall, Bow proves to be a quality listen, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Daze (and Brown) in the near future.




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