New Anti-Fascist Online Community, ‘This Forum Kills Fascists’ Now Active — Come Join!

I’ve been in charge of various forums on and off since around 2002, and after a good few years of inactivity, I recently decided that the time had come to create an online community once again.

‘This Forum Kills Fascists’ primarily reaches out to those who align themselves with anti-fascist politics and methods, but mostly anyone is welcome here to discuss their thoughts on a range of topics including literature; music; visual arts; culture; and politics, in general.

It is also an invaluable medium for creative people to share their work and offer critiques; discuss favourite books, artists, films, etc; and mingle with like-minded individuals.

The forum operates on a non-profit basis, with the sole aim being to develop a lively community and a very interesting place for everyone to visit.

So, if you’ve got interesting things in your head, this is the place to share them. Register your username and password quickly and easily — it’s completely free — and from there you will have full access to the forums and be able to indulge in the community fully with other members.

Visit the forum here (permalink):

(I’ve pretty much been at this for 48 hours straight. It’s not finished yet, but if anyone’s willing to kick-start it with a few topics and get their mates to sign up, I really would appreciate it.)


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