Hate Mail

Daniel Mou. A “Neo Nazi” with a good level of education,” he says, whilst wheeling a number of cliche and mythical sayings to my Facebook inbox. He also has a picture that says “ANTI-ANTIFA”, but does he not realise this is a double negative and he’s actually confessing that he’s a fascist here? (probably not).

Anyway, one thing I did notice (yet again) was the use of the apparent Churchill quote, “The next fascists will be the anti-fascists”. I wrote an article about this a few months back, but I’d like to reiterate the point: Churchill NEVER said this. It’s a myth. There is no record of this exact quote anywhere in history. So there’s another failed argument.

There also seems to be a newer misconception amongst the far-right concerned with anti-fascists being pro-IRA, when really we’re really just out to combat anti-Irish racism (which was the whole point of the recent Liverpool demo).

Though I remain open to my political beliefs being challenge, these silly backward peasants are all starting to sound the same to me now.

So if you’re thinking about sending me some abuse, I’d appreciate it if you chose your words wisely and gave me a little something to think about (you know, like logical debates often do).

Then again, fascists aren’t very bright.


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