A Step Back in Time: Un-boxing the Super Nintendo Like it’s Christmas 1992

I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic of late, and as well as playing my N64, I’ve had an inkling to get my hands on the much-sough-after Super NES (which I regrettably sold towards the end of its life span in the late nineties). Well, having bid unsuccessfully several times on various second-hand consoles over the past week, I finally got my hands on a fully-boxed, Super Mario All Stars edition, which came in the post today.

Man, I spent many hours of my pre-adolescent/adolescent years playing on this console (and credit must go to my Mother and Grandmother for putting their hard-earned money together and buying me one at Christmas — it certainly kept me off and the streets and out of mischief). Along with all the Marios, I was a keen fan of SFII Turbo, Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct, and pretty much ended up perfecting my skills on those games before I even bothered to get involved with women and/or beer.

Yep, I was a geek, through and through, and although I will never be able to reclaim those awesome years I had, it still feels somewhat special having this console in my possession again. I’ll take this over the X-box, PS or Wii any day.

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