Anti-semitism and racism in football – it exists but ostriches prevail

( A very well-written article with some interesting points)

Game of the People

The events in recent weeks around accusations of racism (John Terry , Mark Clattenburg and that Letchworth-based man) and anti-semitism (West Ham crowd) have brought the subject very much to the forefront of media debate. Should we be surprised that such language exists at football matches? No.

Prejudice has always existed at football grounds, among football people and basically, among the masses. Despite a huge percentage of professional footballers (indeed sportsmen) being black, you still hear people describe them as “spades”, “darkies” and other such insults. While black players of your own club are OK, those of the opposition are not – that’s the sentiment.

Anti-semitism is curious. It exists in many walks of life, but it has always seemed acceptable to call Tottenham “Yids” and the club’s fans (presumably the non-Jewish ones) have long adopted the term as a nickname. It’s a bit of a fallacy that all Tottenham…

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