(And I used to work for these idiots as a naive teenager (the DWP, that is).

the void

cosa-nostra-jobThe DWP don’t have a good record when it comes to the internet.  In fact it’s been one shambles after another.  This isn’t stopping Iain Duncan Smith steaming ahead into a digital by default world he knows nothing about.

Universal Credit, the upcoming multi-billion pound change to the benefits system, is set to be the largest and most complex online  database ever created by any Government.  Millions could be plunged into desperate poverty, homelessness and hunger if the new system goes wrong.  Billions of pounds could be squandered.

The first IT project commissioned by the DWP is Universal Jobmatch, a job vacancy listing site.  It has proved an unmitigated disaster with adverts for sex work, scams and an increasing number of spoof jobs posted on a daily basis.

The latest, which has now sadly been removed, deserves to be printed in its entirety:

Cosa Nostra Holdings International…

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