Review of ANTIFA by The Conspiracy Review


Lee (The Conspiracy Review) (2013):


“And now for something completely different……..


“When we were contacted about reviewing this book we were a little apprehensive as we don’t usually review or promote poetry. However, due to the impending global economic collapse, and the recent boost in interest from the general public into political matters, we felt that  independent, political, right-brain orientated poets might be just what this world needs.


“This volume of poetry comes across as both militant and radical. It deals primarily with the state sponsored crucifixion of society, currently being carried out in our civilization. But do not, from that statement, assume the author to be some kind of lyrical terrorist. At no point does Andy Carrington shout “smash the state” or insight the masses to rise violently, instead, this talented wordsmith highlights the sometimes forgotten fact that; all we need is each other and the barriers between us only exist in our minds.


“As promoted by the author, this grouping of poems are anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sectarian and anti-Zionist. We hope for the good of humanity, YOU are too.


“This author is certainly one to look out for. Top Marks Mr Carrington!”



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