New Book Announced and Available to Pre-Order: Just an Average Guy Born into Poetry

I’ve been working on something recently that talks about my transition into writing during my mid to late teenage years. Diverting from my most recent “political poetry” and English Lit. teachings at college and University, I take inspiration from my reading of works by Charles Bukowski, Philip Larkin, Raymond Carver, John and Dan Fante that paved the way for me to write about the “normal” and often mundane aspects of everyday life.

Just an Average Guy Born into Poetry is exactly that: I was born into and raised by a typical working-class family and desired to develop a “voice”, without elaborate descriptions and/or rhyme schemes that were typical of most traditional poetry that I had read. Preferring the “unambiguous” and “non-experimental” brand of poetry, I began composing poems about my love/hate relationship with family, women and even poetry itself.

A majority of these poems were first drafted in-between shifts at my local pub and/or to and from destinations on public transport, but some of them came to me just sat at home. The subjects/events date back to when I first began writing and go right up until the present day, and this chapbook will serve as a taster for a larger collection of works that I am in the process of putting together and hoping to release in the coming year (2013).

Just an Average Guy Born into Poetry will be released, digitally, on 21/12/12, and is available to pre-order now for just £1.50:

Average Guy 2

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