New Phi-Life Cypher Album, Anyone?


PLC is a Hip-Hop trio, made up of emcees Si Phili and Life, and Nappa the DJ. Based around Luton, they came onto the scene in the mid-’90s, then put out their debut LP, Millenium Metaphors (one of my all-time favourite Hip-Hop albums) in 2000.

Since 2006, aside from the odd track, though, I’ve not heard much from the group. I heard rumours about a new album in 2011 but nothing has surfaced as yet. Does anyone know if PLC is still planning on putting out new material? They’re official website is down, as is their Twitter; and their Facebook hasn’t been updated in a good few years. I’m desperate to know more.

Rapping about the herb:

MC Life freestyle fire:

‘Rap it Up’, from their 2003 album, Higher Forces:

This is just insane:

Some more-recent material:


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