REVIEW: Jus Daze: ‘Superman’s Dead’ (Single)


‘Superman’s Dead’, the latest single from Queens-based rapper Jus Daze, is something a little different in his primarily battle-driven catalogue of work. The song tells a story of betrayal and heartbreak, primarily concerned with his woman “Louis Lane” and the downfall of his superhero persona.


At over four mins in length, this is the most sensitive and detailed track I’ve heard to date from Daze. Using the metaphor “The World’s Strongest Hero”, he chips away at his manly exterior, inviting listeners new and old into his personal journey, revealing his inner torment.


Though I am not particularly keen on the soft-spoken first few bars of song, it doesn’t take long for Daze to get going, attacking the whiny guitar riff with an onslaught of lyrics that allow us to understand him more.


I was impressed by his Bow II The Bow EP last year, but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by the direction is music is taking. ‘Superman’s Dead’ is a private tale, but one that is crafted so well that it will be relate to many of us; it’s also proof that prominent battle rappers are capable of writing heartfelt songs without losing any of their street cred.



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