Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #31: EVF’s Richy Freeman Applauds Attack on Muslim Woman & Pregnant Friend

Many won’t have heard of the English Volunteer Force — the latest offshoot far-right organisation to have come out of the deteriorating English Defence League. The group formed around July late year, and their mission statement seems to have been pretty much cut and pasted from the EDL’s website (even the slogan “No Surrender” is the same). Also like the EDL, the EVF’s isn’t very bright and constantly undoes its own declarations that it’s a “non-racist” organisation.

Take member Richy Freeman, who applauded a recent attack by a sixteen-year-old girl on a Muslim woman and her pregnant friend. The teenage thug is seen as an inspiration to Freeman, who says “well done” and compares the battle with Muslims to the infamous Mods and Rockers rivalry of the ’60s:


The EVF isn’t making huge moves on the street as yet, but is planning to hold a static demonstration in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday 26th January 2013 at 2pm. The Nazi fuckheads in the SDL are also promising to be there:



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