Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #33: EDL’s LGBT Division Struggles to Answer a Simple Question

The EDL’s LGBT division is a funny one. I’ve never heard of a gay rights groups backed by racists, but the EDL’s division makes claims to represent the gay community.

Of course, they’re targetting Muslims again. Same, old scaremongering stuff in regards to the every Muslim community wanting to oppress every non-Muslim and take away our freedom. Or something.



Eventually, they got to the point (the EDL hates ALL Muslims and Islam as a whole after all):


Speaking of the EDL’s LGBT, here’s a couple of tweets from hypocrite “Defiant Lion”. As well as contradicting himself in words, he uses a picture of a lion in front of a British flag to try and emphasize his true British nature (it’s just a shame he doesn’t realise that this animal isn’t “indigenous” to this country):





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