The North-West Infidels Pretend to Claim Back the Streets of Liverpool

So… the ageing flabbies that make up the NWI got some much needed exercise on the streets of Liverpool today after they made a huge effort to get together for a “pub lunch” (how’s that for revolutionary?) Judging by all the photographs they’ve uploaded on their Facebook page, they’re making this out to be some sort of “claim back” of the streets of Liverpool, seen as though there was no Antifa/UAF presence to counteract all ten of them.

I dunno, guys, perhaps these people you were so desperately in search of actually have those things called “jobs”, you know? When the actual demos come round you’re seen running back to your little holes, so I wouldn’t brag too much about getting the opportunity to roam around aimlessly for a couple of hours.

Now, what about this “fightback for the indigenous people” that you keep going on about? Doesn’t look like having your Wetherspoons beers and burgers is doing much about it.






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2 thoughts on “The North-West Infidels Pretend to Claim Back the Streets of Liverpool

  1. I’m sure Shane Calvert’s done another deal with the plod. Watch him get the easiest sentence, the dirty grass.

  2. Sandy Shore says:

    You just know that those old nazis will eventually rohypnol the younger nazis after a night out and bugger them to an inch of their pointless lives.

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