Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #40: The Far-Right Gets Dumber by the Week

Most people will already know that the EDLwas all a front when it came to “uniting races (and other religions) against militant Islam.” While the organisation’s numbers have dropped significantly in recent demos, various members have started to lurch further to the right, and this has given rise to openly-racist splinter groups such as the NWI (which I also covered in an earlier blog).

As always, there’s still the tendency for some of NWI’s members to brush off the “Nazi” definition and label themselves “patriots” when challenged by anti-fascists. Take Shane “Diddyman” Calvert, the ex-EDL-member-turned-Infidels-leader, who has already been charged recently with violent disorder in Liverpool. He’s far from the brightest of chaps and has a ridiculously-outdated hairdo, but seems to think he’s part of some sort of great British revolution:

(Calvert in his former-EDL attire)

(Hardman Calvert poses with a gun and his middle finger in front of his webcam)

(At the recent “White Pride Wordlwide” demo, Swansea, with his Nazi mates)

(Mostly pissed, generally dumb)

Calvert runs the NWI “Fightback” Facebook page, regularly handpicking news stories mostly from The Daily Mail that are concerned with Muslims and/or black/brown people. He obviously gets a kick out of picking on anyone non-white/”Christian”, and is quite happy to let the vile racist comments beneath his posts go unmoderated:






Tom Molyneux, the hypocrite, probably won’t admit to his fellow NWI friends that he likes curry, though:


(Direct link to the thread here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=424184771007628&set=a.351195074973265.81296.351186241640815&type=1&theater)

Now I don’t sympathise with racist killers, despite whatever race they may be, but the NWI’s logic of constantly slating a person’s race and making out his crimes are indeed a result of his ethnicity are ridiculously stupid. That’s the kind of logic Nazis constantly spout, though, so it’s hardly surprising.


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