Infilitrate the System (ITS) Records Review ANTIFA

antifa lulu FINAL RED

Antifa is Andy Carrington’s latest collection of poems, with various subject matter all to do with the far-left, far-right and anti-capitalist politics in general. With the rise of far-right groups in the past couple of years, this is an absolutely fantastic book which, after reading, will make you want to join the struggle against the fascists (if you haven’t do so already). Very down to earth and easy to read, personally I could relate to so many of the poems and that’s what struck me the most. With poems like ‘All of a sudden EDL Members Think They’re Animal Rights Activists’ (relating to the EDL Halal “outcry”) and ‘The Many Shades Of Prejudice’ (about prejudice coming in all shapes/colours/sizes) there is a great mix of important/real issues, as well as “lighter” poems just showing how ridiculous the-far right can be. Most definitely a read that I would recommend to everyone, there is something for everyone to relate to: This is a book full of laughs with interesting points and contemplative moments.

“Real poems, about real issues, written by someone with first hand experience of the issues involved. This is a must read.

“A quote from the introduction to the book:

“‘Accompanied by the need to challenge the far-right’s ideologies face-to-face,
protest regularly at demos and defend oneself against physical confrontation,
this book serves as a statement of resistance.’

“A statement of resistance. And that is absolutely what it is.”


Review by Jozef Chlebik (2013)


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