Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #44: “Muslims Exempt from UK Bedroom Tax” Hoax

The latest anti-Islam/anti-Muslims “news” that various far-right groups seem to be circulating the Internet is this “Muslims with prayer rooms are exempt from the bedroom tax” rumour (i.e. having their payments cut because of “spare” bedrooms):

(http://www.landyzone.co.uk/lz/f37/right-bedroom-tax-220874.html) ^ I see dumb people

As That’s Nonsense uncovers, though, this is yet another example of scaremongering; and I knew it was complete bollocks from the start:

“Messages are circulating the Internet that claim Muslims do not need pay the so called “Bedroom Tax” introduced into the UK as they can designate would-be bedrooms as Prayer Rooms.”

Read on:

(And it’s “you’re” not “your”, dumb fucks.)


48 thoughts on “Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #44: “Muslims Exempt from UK Bedroom Tax” Hoax

      1. i agree Andy, just about everyday I read something on FB and have (thankfully) learned to do a wee bit of research. Today it brought me here. It doesn’t take much.

      2. I agree fully with your comment to many people believe everything that is tole to them without trying to find the truth for themselves, which is what I did and how I ended up on your site. ( By the way I too have Crohn’s , Totally nothing to do with this subject and for that I apologise, )

  1. And can you blame people for being Islamophobics? In the next 3-5 years this country will have more muslims than Christians! scrounging and spreading their hate speech,playing the racist card when it suits, we should take the French and Australian stance, if you dont like it here, fuck off back to where you belong!!

    1. Yes I can. If people want to tarnish a whole religion and/or Muslims with the same brush, then, again, they’re stupid.

      And your “theory” about they’re being more Muslims than Christians in the next 3-5 is ultimately flawed: For a start, Christianity has long been in decline in this country. Secondly, you fail to take into consideration the amount of people (including Christians) that leave this country to go and live abroad (oh, and there’s churches built in other countries as well, by the way, before you start moaning about that point).

      Oh, and if we all “fucked off back to where we belong” we’d all be in Africa, sunshine.

      Quit your scaremongering.

      1. And how many churches are in Islamic countries Andy? Don’t need to Google it, there are ZERO churches in any of the Muslim countries, I have seen all the semi-permanent marches in London by Extreme Muslims demanding, note DEMANDING that Sharia Law take precedence over Common English Law, so I will say this, any person wishing to live under Laws NOT pertaining to our Common Law, go and live in a country that those exist in, nothing racist there, religionist maybe, but NOT racist. Islam is a creed not a race.

      2. You are a left wing cunt. You are probably a fucking faggot as well. What do you think the fucking Ragheads will do to your lot when they take over, you queer cunt? They’ll slit your fuckin homo throat like a fucking goat. Good enough for you, you Marxist cunt.

    2. Utter bollocks! Take India and Pakistan — both countries with a significant number of Muslims — where there’s churches that were built no other than the Brits themselves during the era of the Raj! But, yeah, I suppose you’ve covered every acre of both those countries and will say otherwise, right?

      And Sharia Law states: To live under Sharia Law, those Muslims must first not contradict the laws of the country they reside in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcHTI-hlUOM

      1. I as a Jew have prayed with Muslims in Morocco where there are Synagogues & Churches.
        Iran which is a Muslim theocracy has 20,000 Jews, Synagogues, Kosher Caffes & stores. It has Xstian churches & a large Xstian community.
        The only Muslim country that hasnt any real Xstian or other religion is Saudi Arabia which is the wests biggest Arab ally.
        Palestine (whats left of it) has Churches but there its the Zionists that are pushing the Xstians out & stopping the worshiping. Fact!

  2. I basically agree with your actual point. What bothers me is the attitude that it’s ok to hate ‘Islamophobes’ but not OK to hate Muslims…
    That’s going to be hideously misinterpreted, so I’ll clarify: It is NOT OK to hate Muslims as a generalisation (if you know one and he’s a dick, fine, hate him, but don’t let him tar a whole religion). But I don’t really think it’s ok to hate people for having slightly outrageous opinions either.

    1. So we should not tarnish all racists/fascists as the same, then, is that what you’re saying? Your point is confusing. You seem to be defending Islamophobes and comparing them to Muslims.

  3. Wake up…wake up….the world has changed my friend ….all of it is mixed. You should live with the fact..Muslims and Christians or any other race of people are the same= human …please wake up (don’t be stupid)…this subject makes me sick. There are British Christians in almost every country in the world and there are some Muslims who live here.

  4. How will the country be muslim in 3-5 years when only 3% of the country is muslim atm, can you not do simple maths? Do they not teach you that at KKK summer camp?

  5. Andy, the same image came up on my wall, when I quizzed the guy as to where he found it, he told me “I don’t know, I just shared it!” I deleted him for his stupidity rather than anything else. He was from Vienna!

    Thank you for clarifying what I already knew, and thank you for cleverly remarking to those without brains.

    1. such hatred is sad to see. When will people realize that we are all One? Vile and sick individuals should refrain from letting the rest of us know how pathetic they truly are.

      1. You fucking left wing Labour voting cunts try telling the fucking Ragheads we are all one. Your fucking head will be on a fucking pole first. You cunts know fuck all about Islam or Muslims. If you did, you wouldn’t have the gutless left wing views that you fucking have. I hope when the day comes, we can fuck you off to the fucking shitholes the Muslims came from. You won’t mind if you fucking love them so much, you cunts.

  6. I actually saw this from a positive viewpoint. If Muslims could have done this then so should all the other religions have been able to do the same.

  7. I think the british do hate them i wouldnt mind having a corner shop or a takeaway shop imagine how many will be up if we could have our country back we wouldnt have all this tax put on us, we are over populated and if no1 can ser why then you are blind ill probley get a comment back, it is wrong to make up false allogations but i wouldnt supprise me in the way all these immagrants are getting handed the world and were left with fuck all, i couldnt get into university this year because it was full and later found out there were 3 english people in the course i was suppose to take so i stand up for the thousands of true brits when i say go the fuck home

    1. Interesting that you separate “them” from your definition of “British”. You ignorant fascist.

      And please, fuck off with all that “immigrants get everything” rhetoric. It’s completely mythical.

      You’re clearly a very frustrated individual who is keen to shift the blame to immigrants. Just as many people leave this country as others come into it. That’s a fact. And, please, higher taxes is nothing to do with immigration; it’s do some with this greedy, anti-working-class coalition that we have in power.

      Read this for a myth/reality comparison: http://www.redpepper.org.uk/immigration-the-real-story/

      Oh, and I wouldn’t let you in University with that type of grammar/punctuation, either. Step your game up instead of blaming everyone else.

  8. @ Alan the reason you couldn’t get into University was probably because you cant spell for shit. Universities do overlook spelling/grammar errors if you have a genuine reason like learning disabilities such as dyslexia but I am guessing for you this probably wasn’t the case and it was more down to the fact that you are stupid.Plus I think its best that the university didn’t except you and chose a bunch of so called ‘immigrants’ instead. After all the last thing we need in this country is for education to be dumbed down and for people to be accepted into university courses when they do not even have the ability to construct a proper sentence in the first place.

    Andy, I just looked at this page thanks you posting it on Facebook. Its hilarious. Love how it attracts Islamophobes like a bunch of flies. Their views are so entertaining and hilarious to read. I can see why you challenge them so much. Their ignorance is almost comical. They live in an alternate universe to reality. Politically they know their views are in the wilderness, its only on the internet that they feel they have a sense of power. Heck, if everyone were like them the BNP would have at least had an MP by now. Although Islamophobia is on the increase thankfully the majority of people still have common sense.

    1. There are good and bad in all walks of life, this is true. I agree that this Country is overcrowded and feel a stance should be taken to halt all immigration for a good few years,including family members, footballers and their families and anybody with a criminal record of any sort. The NHS is stretched beyond belief, there is no housing or jobs and the Country is in a mess to say the least. I also believe that you should have to follow the law of the land where you have chosen to live and that as in Australia people entering the Country should be entitled to healthcare on a payg basis, and not be entitled to welfare benefits at all. This is my opinion to which we all entitled . I do not think that people coming into this Country should be granted British Citizenship either. I also think that quite a lot of the racism is actually manipulated by the Government and it enables them to count on the votes of sections of the communities.

      1. You really need to look at the bigger picture.

        Overcrowded? You want to look into the number of Brits that leave this country and go to live abroad. Take those people into consideration and you’ll realise this country really isn’t as overcrowded as the mainstream media makes out.

        NHS stretched? Blame the Tories for the mass cuts in Nursing staff and privatisation. Particularly, blame Thatcher.

        Same goes for the lack of housing and jobs, which Thatcher and her toff government were hugely responsible for, particularly throughout the 1980s. This country has never recovered from what she did.

  9. And I would why am not one bit in any religion as there all as bad as each other killing and rape child abouse and so on the only Person I follow is my self and they would why our kids think its ok to do there’s things if there worship it the whole world is Curruped the government they all look out for what they can get and all boils down to money witch is the root of all evil an happy to be my own person and not to follow any other wicked and sick religion fact you all need to sit back and take a good hard look at things and be conpassanet to one another where all the same in side and don’t need to be Sheeps the government are to blame for all the bombing for the greed of the oil that the was after not the war now we are suffering for there greed fact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You say you’re a libertarian and an anti-fascist, yet by defending Islam you are supporting people who want to take away freedom.

    The majority of Islamic followers openly support the denigration of women, the persecution and killing of Jews and homosexuals. If you openly oppose Islam, you will be targeted with violence and if you denounce Islam, you will be at the very least threatened, if not killed for apostasy.

    Are you Islamic? If not, you need to re-think your whole agenda!
    Islam does not support liberalism or democracy. Read the Koran and find out.

    I’m guessing you will either call me a racist and/or a bull-shitter, or you will delete this comment.

    1. When the fuck did I ever say I was a Libertarian, exactly?

      And I don’t “defend Islam”; I simply challenge ignorance and scaremongering. And the fact of the matter is (as this blog states), the whole “Muslim not paying bedroom tax” thing is a complete hoax.

      As for, “The majority of Islamic followers openly support the denigration of women, the persecution and killing of Jews and homosexuals. If you openly oppose Islam, you will be targeted with violence and if you denounce Islam, you will be at the very least threatened, if not killed for apostasy,” — utter nonsense. I have many friends who’re Muslim/followers of Islam. I have NOT ONCE had the religion forced upon me; nor have I witnessed them target Jews or homosexuals.

      Oh, and I’ve read the Koran (I have a copy on my shelf). Same goes for the bible. Religious texts are allegorical and symbolic; only idiots like you take them word for word.

  11. It would seem preposterous to other groups that only Muslims are exempt from the bedroom tax. Although, I have yet to hear either way from a legitimate government source what the real truth is regarding this matter. I aim to keep an open mind on the subject.

    It’s obvious from your responses that vulgarity and hostility is your way of expressing yourself: a defense mechanism to hide your insecurities and inexperience. To be writing books about subjects you have little knowledge on is a dangerous thing and the saying is true: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! I can only assume your books are not selling well, especially now considering the current social and political climate where the public are denied their voice and their choice.

    It’s not worthwhile arguing with someone like you as only your opinion is ‘valid’ but maybe in the years to come you will understand that religions such as Islam severely limit the ascension of it’s followers and even those who are not followers.

    1. Vulgarity and hostility? Try doing some research and not making assumptions about me before you post a comment. Maybe then you’ll get more of a respectable response from me.

      Same goes for your views on Islam. Your hopeless generalizations only serve to speak of your ignorance. Try getting out more, you’ll soon discover the majority of Islamic followers DO NOT “openly support the denigration of women, the persecution and killing of Jews and homosexuals.”

      And books are selling well, thanks.

      1. Unfortunately for you I make my comments based on reality and the reality is this: A fundamentalist Wahabi style of teaching is sweeping through Islamised areas in Europe with the hope of trying to dominate the West. This is having a negative impact upon society and only serves to further alienate Islam from all other beliefs/cultures. This kind of teaching is allowed because of oil!

        Do you know that UKIM for instance is funded by Wahabi lunatics in Saudi who are directly connected to people who control the flow of oil? The UK government allows UKIM to build enclaves in return for a better price on a barrel of crude.

        I must say I do not agree with the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and what happened in Libya. These countries were not playing ball with the West and so our unscrupulous, lying, war mongering, blood thirsty government saw fit to invade and topple regimes without the consultation of the people. All to put cooperative people in power who offer profitable relationships in the supply and demand of oil. I’m sure you know what’s going on.

        I think for the West to move forward the people need to abandon our old corrupt governments and warped political system to construct a new one based which respects the majority public opinion on issues that directly affect a country.

        Do you agree with these comments? If not, why?

      2. “Unfortunately for you I make my comments based on reality.”

        Passing yourself off as an intellect, Steve? I might be more convinced if you didn’t give into the same, old, clouded viewpoint of Muslims/Islam as a whole as those scaremongering imbeciles on the far-right of the political spectrum.

        “A fundamentalist Wahabi style of teaching is sweeping through Islamised areas in Europe with the hope of trying to dominate the West.”

        Your grammar and spelling is pretty good, I’ll give you that, but at the end of the day, you’re still a lowly Islamophobe with nothing new to say.

  12. Thanks Andy for getting this info out, and tackling this abhorrent racism. The powers that be bank on racism and other prejudice to play us against each other, so they can keep stealing from us all, and continue with their other crimes.

  13. Saraphina, tackling racism? Since when did Islam become a race? There are many Muslims all over the world, all different creeds and colours, so race is totally and utterly irrelevant.

    It might be a good idea to carry a spade from now on so you can dig your head out of the sand and have a realistic discussion.

  14. Hey Andy i saw this on my wall so i was just googling about trying to find up and i was left here, just like to say thanks :) im dont dislike muslims, jews, christians w/e i dislike all relgion as a fact. i will say though im from a part of the UK *Sheffield* and live a area with 40% muslims 40% slovakian and last 20% are english these are not 100% the numbers but out of 120 houses on my street there is about 3 white familys…… the goverment seems to put them all in the same area when we are ment to be integrading surely this just causes tension??? also i will say i have been abused more than once spat at and my dog was stabbed a few month back and passed away….. funny but on all the times this has happend it was never a white person it was either slovak or muslim and they was yelling abuse at me while trying to attack me etc *im not saying white people dont attack people but you know*….. its got so bad in my areas they have police on patrol 24/7 at least 20 coppers on beat. the slovaks throw BAGS/Sacks of rubbish everywhere the council even pulled the bin up at the end of my road as people was dumping rubbish sofas fridges you name it they was doing it. i cant even own a car anymore as people will scratch it brick it etc. im not a hater or anything but i dont think anyone should have to live like this in fear of going to work or even going to the shop. they live on there rules and how they are used to living if they want to come live in the UK they should follow our rules and live as we do.

    1. The government doesn’t put “them” anywhere. People are free to choose where they live. And this isn’t exclusively a Muslim thing. Sure, there are issues of self-segregation, but I know many white people who don’t want to live next to Muslims/Asians/blacks purely because of the difference.

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