REVIEW: Dystinkt: Dystinktion (EP)



Dubstep is by no means my speciality when it comes to writing music reviews (I’m the first to admit I know bugger all about it). In fact, I only became aware of this EP’s music definition via a recent conversation with the artist, himself. I fancied something different so went with it.


Dystinktion, the name of the debut EP from Bradford-based producer Dystinkt, takes us on a short journey of progressive mind-fuck, and I actually found it rather enjoyable. The tunes are pretty varied and I get the impression that they were constructed by a guy who has a real sick fascination for messing with peoples’ heads.


Listen to the trippy ‘Full Metal Jack Off’ (which samples Stanley Kubrick’s famous war film) and you’ll understand what I mean. Dystinkt’s knack for creating dark, dirty and twisted music is at its most evident here, and allow the listener to settle in nicely to what the rest of the EP has to offer.


The other two tracks, ‘Aggression’ and ‘Head Noddah’, are just as absorbing, with the electronic, robotic sounds playing a key part in the overall proceedings.


The album on the whole seems to be very well put together, whilst keeping a raw, aggressive essence. It doesn’t sound “polished”, like a lot of the commercial dubstep I’ve heard, but I do like that.




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