Review: ANTIFA by Andy Carrington

Review of my book, ANTIFA, from the Socialist Party. Many thanks to Karl Whiting for the positive write-up!

Leeds Socialist Party

Andy Carrington is a poet residing in Bradford, which is a city that has experienced an unfair amount of racism and negativity throughout its history.

Reviewed by Karl Whiting, Leeds North Socialist Party

He is an activist standing against racism/prejudice; and his book ANTIFA has been reprinted with new poems featured. Through his writing, he brings an awareness of society’s lack of understanding and ignorance to a number of social issues. One of them is racism, and how ill-informed some people appear to be; Andy is also not blind to the reality of the struggle, and how much work is still needed to be done to fight back against it.

Racism is increasingly everywhere you look and in conversations you hear; whether direct or indirect, it should not be tolerated. Andy writes with anger, with facts and honesty; I see him as a “vocal machine gun” in that his writing…

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